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Anke Nano 30W mobile power supply with screen on the shelves of China Bank: with its own USB-C line, it costs RMB 199 per 10000 Ma.

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, Anke launched an Anker Nano series with screen portable battery overseas in September this year, which is characterized by a LCD color screen that can show the power status and charge and discharge time. At present, this portable battery has been on the shelves of the National Bank. After superimposing the "10 yuan coupon", the 10000 Ma model gets 199 yuan.

The portable battery comes with its own USB Type-C line and supports 30W two-way fast charging, as well as a USB-Type An interface and a USB Type-C interface to support low-current charging, according to officials.

The parameters of the battery attached to are as follows: Anker Anke Nano with screen portable battery superimposed "10 yuan coupon" to get 10 yuan coupon

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