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Kuaishou: carry out a special campaign to "clear and clean up the poor content orientation of short video messages" for a period of one month.

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, Kuaishou will carry out a month-long "clear rectification of short video message content-oriented problems" special campaign. During the special period, we will strictly rectify the following undesirable contents and accounts. The details include:

Spread false information 1, pose to make false short video. Pose to produce and publish rumors related to people's livelihood. Fabricate plots to help vulnerable groups in society and consume public compassion. Pose photos at the scene of an emergency, fabricate false scenes and spread panic.

2. The technology generates false short videos. Use artificial intelligence and other technologies to fabricate and stitch content, illegally use portraits and voices of others for face replacement or human voice synthesis, to generate false short videos.

3. Tampering and falsification regardless of the facts. Tamper with or take out of context authoritative information released by the government.

Show improper behavior 1. "erotic scrubbing" behavior. Deliberately display sexually suggestive or sexually flirtatious actions, and post "soft pornography", "edge scrubbing" and "yellowing" content. The use of college students in the name of the production and dissemination of "soft pornography" information, vulgar marketing.

2. Create vulgar people. Through short video special effects and props, deliberately play ugly bow flow, in the name of "acting" to create vulgar people, no bottom line to challenge the public aesthetic.

3. Improper marketing of Internet celebrities. Internet celebrity anchors win traffic by any means through uncivilized interaction and irrational expression. Abuse of influence to incite fans' emotions and organize fans to "water" maliciously. Release information on marketing fake and shoddy commodities to mislead consumers.

4. Display high-risk behaviors. Publish and spread bad information that causes physical and mental discomfort, such as suicide, self-harm, cruelty to animals, etc. Show high-altitude parkour, high-speed racing and other high-risk behaviors that ignore life safety.

Spread misconceptions 1. Challenge the bottom line of public perception. Intentionally infringe upon national customs and habits and incite ethnic hatred or regional discrimination. Spread the wrong view of love and marriage and deliberately create gender antagonism.

2. Spread the wrong value orientation. Spread wrong business outlook, advocate unscrupulous and negative world-weariness, spread wrong values such as showing off wealth, worshiping money, extravagant enjoyment and so on. previously reported that the Central Internet Information Office announced that it would launch an one-month special campaign to "clear and clear the poor content orientation of short video messages" starting from December 12. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the management of short video platforms:

Optimize the recommendation mechanism. Focus on solving the problems such as the deviation of the algorithm value orientation of the short video platform and the lack of high-quality short video presentation. Optimize the flow distribution mechanism to prevent "emphasizing indicators over quality", and one-sidedly take quantitative indicators such as praise rate and forwarding rate as the basis for traffic distribution.

Strengthen the platform audit check. Efforts should be made to solve the problems such as the non-standard audit mechanism of the short video platform and the lack of comprehensive audit standards. Prevent the phenomenon that the audit is too simple or one-size-fits-all and manual review goes through the formality.

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