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Apple's UK antitrust investigation resumes: mobile browsers and cloud games will be censored

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- Apple has decided to drop its appeal against a British court ruling that resumes a full antitrust investigation into the company's dominant position in mobile browsers and cloud games, which means the investigation will begin in January next year.

At the end of November, the London Court of Appeal overturned a previous decision to suspend the investigation, consolidating the powers of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The 21-day grace period provides Apple with a full window of response before the investigation resumes.

Apple could have appealed to the appeals court, but chose to abandon it, which means that the CMA investigation will reopen to examine Apple's influence in the mobile browser market and its cloud gaming policy on the App Store.

In November 2022, CMA launched an investigation into Apple and Google's restrictions on cloud games and mobile browsers, suggesting that the two companies are hampering innovation and increasing costs for online developers, cloud game service providers and browser providers. Initially, the decision was overturned by the Competition Appeals Tribunal (CAT), and CAT agreed with Apple that the CMA launched the investigation too late.

The appeal court's latest decision clarified that CMA's actions were in line with the law, rejecting Apple's arguments about the time limit. The ruling stressed that such restrictions apply only to consultation procedures in market research and do not limit CMA's broader investigative powers. noted that the court emphasized the important role of CMA in promoting competition and protecting the interests of consumers, noting that limiting these powers could have "serious consequences". The investigation is part of CMA's broader review of the power of tech giants such as Apple and Google in the mobile ecosystem, focusing on mobile devices' operating systems, app stores and web browsers.

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