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Microsoft Edge browser 121stable version will be released in January next year, officially bringing AVIF format support.

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Shulou( Report-- December 19, Microsoft developer experience engineer Patrick Brosset said that Microsoft Edge 121will bring AVIF support to all users, including ordinary users.

In fact, the feature has been under development for several months and was launched in Beta, Dev, and Canary versions, but was later cancelled because of licensing issues.

Microsoft's Edge release plan shows that a stable version will be released in the fourth week of January 2024, while the Beta version was launched just a few days ago.

AVIF or AV1 image file format (AV1 Image File Format) is an image coding based on AV1 video coding. Like AV1 coding, AVIF can provide more efficient coding than other more common image formats. For example, Vimeo found that AVIF achieved higher video multi-method evaluation fusion (VMAF) scores than WebP and JPEG. found that Google Chrome browser already supported the AVIF format in version 85 of Chrome released in August 2020, while Firefox added support for the format in version 93 released in October 2021. Later, Google added AVIF image support in the 2022 version of Chrome 103, and Apple has followed suit in Safari version 16.0 of iOS 16.

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