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Meituan's first college takeout route starts in Shenzhen.

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According to news on December 20, Meituan officially announced that Meituan UAV officially launched on December 19 on the first university route of Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University.

After placing an order on the spot, you only need to wait a short time to receive a cup of Fresh Juice. In addition to drinks and fruit juices, fast food and Japanese food have also become the first products connected to the route, and more categories such as roast meat, desserts, snacks and daily chemical products will be introduced in the future to enrich students' consumption choices.

The take-off point of the new route of ▲ Tuyuan "Meituan UAV" is located in Xili Yitian Holiday Business District, 2.6km away from Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University. students can choose to be delivered to the designated landing site by drones when booking takeout from businesses that have been connected to drone delivery on campus. In terms of distribution efficiency, it usually takes only about 6 minutes from packing to delivery, and because the flight process is run independently by the system, the delivery time error can be accurate to seconds. reminder, remember to change the shipping address to:

Meituan UAV airdrop cabinet, Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University

On the day of the opening of the route, the academic annual meeting of Meituan Robotics Research Institute was held at Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of Meituan Robotics Research Institute publicly introduced the progress of the research institute for the first time, and issued a 2024 project cooperation plan for university scholars at home and abroad, involving embodied intelligence, autopilot, robotics and other fields.

In addition, the award-winning team of the first low-altitude Economic Intelligent Flight Management Challenge also shared topics during the meeting. The challenge, jointly organized by Meituan Robotics Research Institute and Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University, focuses on echelon training of low-altitude economic talents and invites college students from all over the world to participate in the exchange.

Mao Yi, head of Meituan's drone business and director of Meituan Robotics Research Institute, said that in 2024, in addition to continuing to hold challenges and other activities, the institute will also add incentive mechanisms such as scholarships for outstanding students and green channels for internships. in order to provide a better learning and research environment for students engaged in robot research.

According to official data from Meituan, by the end of August 2023, Meituan drones had landed in seven business circles and 17 routes in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other cities, providing drone distribution services to 14 community office buildings and four 5A-class scenic spots, with a total of more than 184,000 user orders.

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