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Official notice Mobile Arc browser with Changhong Glass filter enabled

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Shulou( Report--, December 20, The Browser Company recently issued a preview through its official X account, showing the effect of the "Changhong Glass filter" created by one of the product designers Karla Mickens, hinting at the arrival of a new version of Arc Mobile. Note: Changhong Glass (Reeded glass), also known as fluted glass / ribbed glas, is a kind of striped embossed glass.

The report says The Browser Company has currently invited TestFlights testers to experience a pre-release version of Arc Mobile 2.

The Browser Company CEO Josh Miller (Josh Miller) forwarded the pictures with his own message:

Please allow us to reintroduce ourselves! New year, new energy, let's meet the change together.

Judging from the exposed images, Arc browsers will adopt a new design language and re-adopt quasi-materialized design.

Miller tweeted in November that The Browser Company wanted to "envision a mobile browser from scratch" while maintaining the same core as the Mac version of Arc.

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