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The number of rocket launches exceeded 200 for the first time in the human year, thanks to SpaceX.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua) Last night, SpaceX's latest Starlink Internet satellite launch marked the first time that mankind has launched 200 rockets from Earth in a year. This historic achievement not only highlights the vigorous development of the global space industry, but also reflects the unprecedented enthusiasm for the space industry since the Apollo moon landing era. noted that SpaceX has achieved remarkable results over the past few years with its reusable Falcon 9 rocket, which is the only fully reusable medium launch vehicle in the world. In the course of operation, SpaceX continues to set a new record for the repeated use of rockets. In 2023, SpaceX successfully launched a single Falcon 9 rocket with a booster for up to 17 times, setting a new record for rocket reuse. At the same time, the company completed 100 launches in 365 days, breaking the previous record.

In December, SpaceX opened up its firepower and launched four rockets in a row in just eight days. However, the latest batch of Starlink launches and the upcoming Falcon heavy launch missions have been repeatedly delayed, resulting in an interval of up to nine days from previous launches.

Although SpaceX may not meet its target of 100 launches this year, last night's Starlink launch is still significant, marking the first year in human history that Earth orbit has been launched more than 200 times.

The milestone was confirmed by astronomer Jonathan McDowell, who has been diligently documenting every rocket launch around the world, saying that after the Falcon 9 two-stage rocket entered the parking orbit, the mission was officially numbered 2023-200. it marks the first time this year that the number of orbital launches has passed the 200th mark.

SpaceX plans to launch five more missions for the rest of 2023. So far this year, the company has launched 92 carrier rockets, of which 88 are Falcon 9 and the rest are Falcon heavy rockets. Together with the two starship test flights this year, the total number of SpaceX launches has reached 94. If SpaceX successfully completes the remaining five launches, the total number of launches in 2023 will reach an impressive 99.

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