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Unable to connect to enterprise and school Wi-Fi, Microsoft confirms that the latest Win11 update KB5032288 causes trouble

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Shulou( Report-- Recently, many Windows 11 users have experienced frustrating Wi-Fi connection problems after installing the latest update KB5032288. This issue primarily affects business, education and public Wi-Fi networks, causing them to become disconnected or slow to unusable levels. notes that a message posted on Microsoft's official Windows Health Dashboard website confirms that this issue may be related to installing the KB5032288 update, which applies to Windows 11 versions 23H2 and 22H2. Thankfully, regular home networking doesn't seem to be affected, and the issue is limited to the latest version of Windows 11, Windows 10 users are spared.

Microsoft says it has received many reports of Wi-Fi adapters unable to connect to certain networks after installing KB5032288, especially when connecting to corporate, educational or public Wi-Fi networks using 802.1x authentication.

Ironically, this update was originally intended to fix one of Windows 11 's most annoying ailments-File Explorer popping up for no reason. In other words, fixing annoying pop-ups may cause your laptop to fail to connect to Wi-Fi networks at work or school.

Microsoft is currently investigating the matter, trying to confirm whether KB5032288 is the culprit, and promised to provide more information as soon as possible. In the meantime, many universities and other institutions advise affected users to uninstall KB5032288 to restore Wi-Fi connectivity. Microsoft is calling on users to send feedback through the Feedback Center app and attach telemetry data to help them solve problems using the "Reproduce My Problem" option.

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