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Documents reveal Sony's dilemma: Microsoft challenges its status, making it more difficult to return 3A games

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Shulou( Report-- December 20 news, Sony PlayStation developer Insomniac recently suffered a blackmail network attack, followed by the disclosure of a variety of internal documents, videos and other content.

In a document disclosed this time, it talks about the views of Sony's PlayStation division on Microsoft's acquisition of Activision.

In the slide show, Sony described Microsoft's acquisition of Activision as "leapfrog development" and believed that Microsoft would later build a mobile game store to compete with Apple and Google.

In addition, the document also outlines that Microsoft will use Game Pass as a link to build a comprehensive ecosystem on mobile, PC and game consoles.

Sony is worried that the future development of Microsoft will seriously affect the company's existing business. On the other hand, Sony's return on investment in AAA games is becoming more and more difficult. The screenshot attached to is as follows:

Sony says it can cost up to $500m to develop an AAA-rated game and is usually unable to break even in the first year, subverting publishers' view of PC and mobile platforms when looking for less profitable and riskier investments.

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