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Samsung Galaxy S24 Series phones exclusive: One UI 6.1 erases background objects in videos

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- source Bennett Buhner recently tweeted that Samsung's Galaxy S24 series of phones launched early next year will be pre-installed with One UI 6.1 and introduce a number of AI features.

The translation of is introduced as follows:

AI function (exclusive to S24 series) video AI processing: during video recording, call AI to improve performance in low light environment, reduce graininess, improve stability and exposure, etc.

(S24 series exclusive) remove some subjects from the video: just select an object in the video, and the artificial intelligence will process the entire video and erase the selected object as much as possible.

Expand the photo boundary: by calling AI, you can supplement the surrounding parts of the existing photos that are not included in the viewfinder.

(S24 series exclusive) Local AI chatbot: this chatbot will be able to perform simple tasks such as simple questions, equations, etc. (not sure if it will be available at release).

Extract important information from the call: at the end of the call, the AI will process everything mentioned in the call and recommend certain actions, such as adding things to the calendar, to-do list, or other items mentioned in the call.

Organize messy notes and chunks of text in Samsung Notes: at the click of a button, messy notes and chunks of text can be turned into organized notes with main points and more formal formats.

AI generated wallpaper: AI generated wallpaper borrowed from Google and redesigned according to Samsung's user interface. Although it lacks Google's animation, it is still an excellent creator.

Real-time translation is enabled during the call: if users talk to people who use other languages, they can translate the conversation in real time and reduce the language barrier.

Other features and improve the weather and portrait effects of the lock screen and home screen: better self-presentation, with a more stylish lock screen / home screen!

Enhanced battery protection: allows multi-stage protection, balancing battery life and daily use.

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