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Huawei releases the flagship all-flash backup machine OceanProtect X9000 / E8000, and the backup software is open source.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20, at the launch of Huawei's new OceanProtect data protection products today, Huawei officially unveiled its flagship all-flash backup all-in-one machine and announced open source backup software to meet the new demands for data backup efficiency and data security in scenarios such as smart finance and autopilot.

According to reports, the newly released OceanProtect X9000 all-flash performance backup all-in-one machine and OceanProtect E8000 all-flash distributed backup all-in-one machine have a "leading industry 65%" data reduction rate and support six layers of anti-extortion protection to enhance storage endogenous security.

Among them, OceanProtect X9000 can support 130TB / hr backup bandwidth and 72TB / hr recovery bandwidth, which is known as "the first backup performance in the industry". The OceanProtect E8000 provides 144PB logical capacity on a single node and can be flexibly scaled to 4096 nodes.

In addition, Huawei announced that it will open source open-eBackup backup software ( Note: the first open source free community version at the end of June 2024) to provide customers with a unified and open backup software experience. In the future, it will connect industry-university-research through the open source community to achieve technology sharing, promote full communication and iteration between the supply side and the demand side, and jointly develop a unified specification of the backup interface with members of the community. join hands with data protection-related standards organizations to promote the landing of industry standards.

At present, Huawei has provided data protection services to more than 10000 enterprise customers in more than 120 countries and regions. Facing the future, Huawei said that it will share backup software technology, work with industry partners to build a sound technological ecology, build a leading backup all-in-one system, and promote the upgrading of China's data protection industry.

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