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The author of Requests, a well-known Python reptile library, lost his job because of mania: online funding and job hunting.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20, Requests is a HTTP client library for Python, which should be used by most people who have come into contact with web crawlers.

Recently, Kenneth Reitz, the developer of the Requests library, ran into some situations. He said on the X platform that he had financial problems and needed to seek funds to maintain his basic survival.

Kenneth Reitz says he lost his job a few weeks ago because of mania. found that he is still looking for a new job on the platform and has repeatedly posted that he is considering short-term contracts, which seems to be imminent.

According to Wikipedia, mania is a state of abnormal activation of arousal, emotional and energy levels, or "an overreaction with emotional upsurge and emotional ups and downs". Although mania is often seen as the opposite of depression, high emotions can be either euphoria or anger. As mania becomes more and more serious, irritability will become more and more leaked and lead to violence.

According to the X platform certification, Kenneth Reitz is the author of several Python libraries, including Requests, Pipenv, HttpBin, Responder and so on.

Kenneth Reitz has also opened up a number of projects on GitHub, with 28600 followers, as you can see here.

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