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All parameters of Glory tablet 9 are exposed! 12.1 inch soft light screen + professional education guardian

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Shulou( Report--

On December 20, Honor officially released a joint poster with @ duckling LTDUCK, exposing the relevant parameters of the product in terms of screen, memory, educational guardian, loudspeaker and so on.

The Glory tablet 9 has been fully upgraded on the screen, equipped with a 12.1inch paper-sensitive eye protection soft light screen, which can eliminate 98% of the reflected light; it has a large memory of 12GB+512GB, which can meet the massive storage needs of online lessons; and the eight sitting posture reminders can also correct the child's bad sitting posture in time.

In addition, the Glory tablet 9 also has a brand new center lens design, as well as three colors of bathing white, star gray and azure; the combination of 8300mah battery and 35W super fast charge can meet the learning needs of children for a whole day; and the surround eight loudspeakers make it possible for online lessons to be on the spot.

Overall, Glory tablet 9 innovates and upgrades around the pain points of young people using tablets, leading their peers in terms of overall strength, bringing a healthier and more efficient tablet experience. It is a large screen eye protection tablet tailored for young users. December 21, Glory tablet 9 will be officially released, interested friends, please pay attention to the product information in time!

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