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Everyone is a curator! QQ Music released the 2023 annual music report, the 18th anniversary of "Music is more Young"

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Shulou( Report--

2023 is coming to an end, and we will bid farewell to a year full of challenges and surprises. In this year, everyone's life is dotted with a series of unique notes, which are not only the witness of time, but also the carrier of emotion. At this special moment, QQ Music's 2023 music report arrived as scheduled, engraving the brand of the year with notes for us. In addition, the personal annual music report will also be "copied" offline. On December 23 and 24, QQ Music will turn it into a visual art trip through a unique offline music and art exhibition. the majority of users are invited to go to Hangzhou Tianmuli for live experience. At that time, the much-anticipated song category award of QQ Music's annual peak list will also be announced here, showing the audience the most dynamic and hot side of music in 2023.

Listen to the music report in 2023, listen to the echo of time behind each note

Starting from December 20, QQ Music users search for the "Music report" to open a 2023 music report full of good memories. This is not only a summary of data, but also a yearbook that records the music stories and growth mood of hundreds of millions of users. We walk, listen, watch, and record all the beautiful models around us with music. Young.

In this report, time will be remembered as moments, and these moments are often solidified into beloved songs. In 2023, your memory may be a taste-maybe fresh mint, maybe sweet candy, or "black plum sauce" with affectionate memories. Maybe the memory is a certain weather, just like that snowy day, "Snow Distance" engraves an eternal moment in your heart. Your song of the year 2023 is not only a combination of melodies, but also a container of time, carrying unique stories and emotions hidden in the depths of your heart.

In 2023, people listen to these songs, and each capital reflects the uniqueness of the year and resonates with a billion people. At the same time, the listening time, the number of songs, and the key words of the year sorted out by big data. Not only the numbers and labels, but also the coordinates of everyone's music journey, recording 2023 of our music model Young. It's like a diary we wrote together, and every page is full of emotions and memories. Through this report, we can once again feel the stories behind those melodies and how music has inadvertently become an integral part of our lives.

A new sensory experience to open the annual report in the form of "online + offline" art exhibition

This music report of 2023, which belongs to you, will also be opened in a more "immersive" way. On December 23-24, "listening to I want to listen to Music is more Young" QQ Music's 2023 Music Art Exhibition will be staged in Hangzhou Tianmu. Through creative works of visual art, the exhibition will transform music into visible emotions and scenes, allowing visitors to experience familiar melodies.

This is not only an offline presentation of the annual music report, but also a perfect combination of music and works of art. Every exhibition area and every work of the art exhibition aims to create a new sensory experience and complete an exploration of the integration of music and visual art.

At this art exhibition, QQ Music's annual peak list of major singles, albums, music videos and other song awards will be officially announced in front of the audience, and the complete list will also be unveiled in the near future. As the award-winning works on the music list that best understand the current trend of young people, these are undoubtedly the weather vane of contemporary national music, which contains the trend power to influence and change the lives of young people, and exudes the youthful flavor of growth and love.

Listen to me want to hear, "Music is more Young."

While reviewing this year's music journey, QQ Music also ushered in his 18-year-old "bar mitzvah" in this year. From a music player in 2005 to now it has become a music streaming platform loved by hundreds of millions of users. Over the past 18 years, QQ Music has always maintained a young and upward attitude, constantly innovated and developed, and connected everyone's heart with music. Music has a special power, it can inspire people, give color to life, QQ Music is well aware of this, and has always been committed to passing this power on to every user.

With the end of 2023, our love and pursuit of music will continue. In this ever-changing world, music always has the same frequency with our footsteps, resonates with the feelings of thousands of people, and looks forward to the future. We will continue to explore and grow on the journey of music, and "music has more Young" with QQ Music.

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