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Epic this week "Xi Jiayi" exposure: overseas combat game "DNF Duel", the country has other mysterious content

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Shulou( Report--, December 20, Epic Game Mall will soon open the "16-day delivery mode", the next free game will be unlocked at 0: 00 on December 21 (tomorrow).

According to the latest news from reliable whistleblower billbil-kun, Epic's next free game will be "Dungeon & Fighter" IP fighting game "DNF Duel". However, because the game is locked in the national area, there will be a new "mysterious game" sent out.

"DNF Duel" is developed by an unreal engine, and 16 DNF players are familiar with characters with unique skills and personalities to participate in the war. in addition, it also integrates Dungeon & Fighter's unique mana system, including online (qualifying, individual), stand-alone (free mode, plot mode, arcade mode, survival mode) and practice (exercise mode, tutorial mode).

The free game launched by Epic last week is Destiny 2 Heritage Collection, which includes Phantom of the Evil, moment of Ling Guang and Shadow Fortress, which unlocks 37 exotic weapons, 15 exotic armor and the Power of Ice Shadow. friends who forget to pick it up can click here.

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