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The limited edition of Xiaomi dual-mode key mouse set for the 100th anniversary of Disney hit the shelves for 299 yuan.

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! According to news on December 20, Xiaomi has launched a limited version of the Disney 100th Anniversary of Xiaomi dual-mode key Mouse set, which will start at 14:00 on December 21. currently shows it at 299 yuan.

According to query, the key and mouse products currently on sale at Xiaomi Mall include Xiaomi portable dual-mode keyboard at RMB 129, Xiaomi wireless keyboard and mouse set at RMB 89, silent version of Mi wireless Bluetooth dual-mode mouse at RMB 69, and Mi wireless mouse 3 color version at RMB 89.

Take the 89 yuan Xiaomi wireless keyboard and mouse kit 2 as an example, compared with the previous generation products, it increases the keyboard battery capacity, optimizes the mouse shape, and is lighter, with a mouse weighing only 45g and a keyboard weighing only 534g.

The keyboard and mouse support 2.4GHz wireless transmission and can be connected to both the keyboard and mouse through a miniature USB receiver.

The new keyboard adopts light and thin chocolate mute key cap, micro-arc surface fits the belly of the finger, optimizes the pressure grams of the enter key and the space bar in the main key area, the springback feedback is better, and the tightness of the key range 2.8mm is moderate.

The new main mouse button uses TTC fretting, with 1000DPI, good click speed and feel. The TTC microswitch triggers quickly, the performance is stable, the click sound is clear and pleasant, and the feel is clear and comfortable. Xiaomi dual-mode key mouse set Disney 100th anniversary limited edition gives girls Christmas gifts 299RMB direct link

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