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Just now, NetEase got another "going to sea medal" for both companies.

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Shulou( Report--

For the first time this year, going to sea has become a hot topic at the phenomenal level, from the Internet to processing plants, from new energy cars to hot pot and milk tea, and from robots to vertical screen skits. Obviously, going out to sea has become the most important development opportunity for Chinese enterprises.

Just now! The WAVE 2023 Global leaders Conference, an annual event for seafarers, ended in Beijing, with dozens of celebrities coming to the scene to share their practical experiences and insights into the future.

At the conference, NetEase Intelligent Enterprise won the "Global Leader of the year 2023 Service provider" award, and both technical and service strength won the praise of the industry.

Why do you say "again"? Let's first take an inventory of NetEase's achievements in the field of going out to sea this year.

At the third Global Product and growth Conference of PAGC 2023 in June, NetEase received the "Golden Sail Award Annual Outstanding products and Technical Service".

At ● 's GTC 2023 Global Traffic Conference, which ended in early December, NetEase won the Whale Song Award for influential brands.

● NetEase Intelligence Enterprise also joined Moby Whale, a well-known domestic sea service platform, to create 86 pages of high-density essence content "2023 Pan Entertainment going to Sea White Paper". As soon as it was launched, it was "out of stock" by numerous front-line practitioners.

● and at the just-concluded WAVE 2023 Global Navigator Conference, NetEase won the favor of the jury again and won the honor of "Global Navigator Service provider of the year 2023".

As the "top soldier" of NetEase's overseas technical services, NetEase Yunxin focuses on the field of pan-entertainment going to sea, solving a sea problem for developers with the "formula" of "1x 2m 7N".

A big intelligent network weaves the whole world

For the overseas enterprises involved in the field of pan-entertainment, the network is an unavoidable problem, and the complex network environment is mapped to the practical application, that is, stutter, delay and other problems that seriously affect the user experience. Therefore, Yiyunxin weaves a "airtight" web-WE-CAN for users around the world.

WE-CAN is a large-scale distributed transmission network developed by Yiyunxin. Through hundreds of high-quality nodes deployed around the world, it covers overseas densely populated areas, major economically developed areas, and takes into account many major operators' networks around the world. WE-CAN organizes these global nodes, and enables each node to detect the quality of each other and grasp the status of each node in real time. Finally, when message and media stream data transmission occurs, WE-CAN control center can provide an optimal transmission path through intelligent routing algorithm, so as to ensure low delay and high efficiency.

In other words, as long as sea manufacturers have cross-regional, transnational and continental data transmission requirements, even in areas with poor network infrastructure, WE-CAN can provide a "Buff" for the transmission quality of all data.

In terms of large-scale concurrency, WE-CAN also supports hundreds of billions of daily messages and hundreds of millions of minutes of streaming data, and supports high concurrency among tens of millions of users, providing pan-entertainment manufacturers who aim to go to sea Nuggets with quality assurance comparable to that of dedicated lines.

2 core products with excellent strength

For pan-entertainment social applications, the immediacy and stability of communications are the first essentials. In this respect, Yiyunxin has technical genes and first-mover advantages, creating two leading products, IM and audio and video.

First of all, in terms of IM, the first-mover advantage is not self-rated. In the White Paper on Global Instant messaging (IM) PaaS Market Insight released by iResearch in August this year, Yiyunxin is considered to be one of the first key companies in China to enter the field of IM cloud services, and ranks first in the IM PaaS industry with an average of 200 billion messages per month.

Facing overseas markets, the survey data of the report show that the average monthly IM message volume of overseas applications served by Yiyunxin has also reached 5 billion +.

Then take a look at the audio and video service. NetEyunxin has a self-developed audio and video call engine for the 5G era, which can provide high-quality audio and video services around the world, such as intelligently eliminating ambient noise and providing high-quality audio experience based on self-developed noise reduction algorithms, and image reconstruction of low-resolution video streams through AI image quality enhancement to enhance video experience.

7x24 hourly service to speed up the development

In order to help developers shorten the online time and reduce development costs, Yiyunxin has also established a "T Service" (Timely-service) response mechanism for overseas manufacturers to provide 7x24-hour operation and maintenance services.

Specifically, Yiyunxin will provide full-process support and consulting services with two major expert groups of technology and industry: technical experts docking throughout the process to ensure that the business of developers is steadily online; industry product experts provide full-process services to provide reliable advice for business operation and development, and speed up application development.

N big innovative ways to play, experience full

In addition to providing the underlying infrastructure capabilities, Yiyunxin has been expanding business boundaries and working with more and more overseas partners to explore new models of social interaction, innovate gameplay and fill up the user experience. For example:

Launched a lot of social icebreaker play components to enhance user activity, such as: singing together, listening together, playing together, etc. Taking this year's popular AIGC as an example, NetEase Yunxin launched the game of AIGC chat, which can help developers access AIGC tools, reduce development costs, help products start cold as soon as possible, and promote users to break the ice as soon as possible.

Combine teleconferencing and meta-universe organically to build a new social model of meta-language chat, which has a stronger scene interactive experience than traditional language chat rooms, and can give each user a more unique personified image. Virtual images can be customized according to the tone and style of customer products, as well as more novel and interesting gift games to enhance users' freshness in chat scenes and promote payment activity.

The "circle group" solution provides a new community interaction model for developers to quickly build a set of "Discord-like" user operation products for instant messaging communities. It not only supports high concurrency on a million scale, which is much better than ordinary group chat, but also provides powerful user operation tools that can atomically manage member permissions and support various custom permissions, providing more efficient tools for operations teams. better operate private domain traffic and reduce operating costs.

It is this set of "1-2-7-N" problem-solving ideas that make Yiyunxin a reliable and solid booster for overseas manufacturers.

In the future, we will join hands with more peer partners to let more Chinese enterprises and brands take root and sprout around the world.

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