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Huawei Mate60 has the same Black Tortoise architecture, the secret of the rock-solid body of the M9 is here.

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With the launch date of the M9 approaching, the official released a video of the new color matching and interior decoration of the Danxia Orange, which once again revealed new information about the body of the M9 Black Tortoise, so that the safety of the car has been further improved.

"Black Tortoise" is the architecture name of Huawei's flagship mobile phone Mate60. With the help of Black Tortoise toughening technology, Mate60 Kunlun Glass has indestructible properties, providing users with extremely reliable and anti-fall experience. This time, the M9 and Mate60 adopt the same Black Tortoise architecture, so it can be seen that in terms of body structure, the M9 will also show excellent active safety performance with its flagship quality.

The rock-solid security fortress, asking the boundary M9 is really "able to handle it"

As a flagship SUV of Hongmeng Zhihang, under Huawei's deep capability, M9 not only has a far leading experience in technology and intelligence, but also achieves omni-directional crushing of its peers in terms of active and passive security, and even has the strength to challenge millions or higher.

Specifically, the M9 uses the industry-leading new D-class luxury SUV platform, the aluminum body volume ratio is as high as 80%, and the body lightweight coefficient reaches an astonishing 2.02. In addition, the M9 uses 2000MPa nuclear submarine grade thermoforming steel in a total of 12 places, which is pressed by the leading die-casting equipment in China, realizing the largest integrated die-casting car body in the world, bringing fortress-like safety protection for users. In addition, thanks to the new energy architecture design of M9, it has up to 11 protective cavities at the threshold beam, which can better absorb side impact energy and comprehensively improve occupant and battery safety.

It can be said that whether it is in the face of established luxury brands such as BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS, or other domestic new forces, the M9 has shown extremely strong security, and even in the face of Volvo, which is famous for its security, has the strength of arm wrestling. It is worth mentioning that the M9 has already won the "Top Ten car body" award from the China Automotive Research Institute before it is listed, which also proves its strength in the car body structure. Not only that, it is understood that the M9 has also challenged a number of stringent tests that far exceed the current domestic collision testing standards, and have achieved excellent results, which can be said to have made great efforts in the level of safety.

In addition, the M9 also has a very rich and comprehensive passive safety configuration, such as the vehicle standard 9 airbags + 16 safety points, fully ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers. At the same time, in order to further protect the chest from injury, the M9 also made a pre-tightening seat belt, thus increasing the cushioning space of the chest. It is worth mentioning that the four doors of the M9 are equipped with mechanical handles, which improves the efficiency of getting out of difficulties in times of distress.

In addition to the improvement of passive safety, the M9 is also remarkable in terms of battery safety. Its five-layer security package design can minimize the short-circuit risk of the battery pack and protect the cell safety in an all-round way. At the same time, equipped with the industry's leading full-high-voltage thermal runaway non-spread technology battery pack platform, with ten layers of thermal safety protection to support real-time protection, active early warning, active cooling, millisecond power outage, etc., to avoid extreme cases of battery thermal runaway.

The smart smart driving system, M9 is more "able to avoid trouble".

In addition to being far ahead in the passive safety level, which is mainly based on the body structure, the M9 also has a leading hard power in the active safety level. For example, the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system, which appeared on the M5 and M7 smart drivers, and the industry-leading omni-directional anti-collision system, will also be presented in the M9 and are expected to be further upgraded.

According to the current HUAWEI ADS 2.0, it can be said to be the ceiling of the current intelligent driving field. After integrating the perceptual BEV (Bird Eye View aerial view) network, it can not only identify whitelist obstacles such as cars and people, but also identify various abnormal obstacles combined with the industry's first GOD (General Obstacle Detection General obstacle Detection) 2.0 network, and the recognition rate is 99.9%. It can easily deal with a variety of complex road conditions.

At the same time, through the RCR (Road Cogniion & Reasoning, Road Topology inference Network) network 2.0 Magi HUAAEI ADS 2.0 also really achieved "see the road", so that the high-level intelligent driving no longer rely on high-precision maps, bringing users a more convenient, easier to use, more intelligent intelligent driving experience.

As the flagship product of the world, the M9 is likely to upgrade again at the lidar and software algorithm level, giving intelligent driving a stronger sense of experience. Previously, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, terminal BG CEO and chairman of smart car solution BU, has said that it will be able to drive all over the country without a map by the end of this year. Thus it can be seen that the M9, which will be launched at the end of the year, is also likely to become the first car that can achieve a map-free NCA nationwide.

For now, through the perfect matching of Black Tortoise's body and Huawei's strongest smart driving system, the M9 will really be not afraid of collision, and even call it the safest car in history. It is worth mentioning that the M9 will go on sale on December 26, and as the launch date approaches, more cool techs and other news about the car are gradually released and its popularity is rising. If you want to buy a full-size luxury SUV, you might as well wait for the M9, which is likely to become an epoch-making product that will completely upend new energy vehicles.

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