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Learning and thinking to release the new learning machine xPad2 Pro series, to create a professional ultimate learning experience

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Shulou( Report--

On December 19, the new learning machine xPad2 Pro series was officially released, which was comprehensively upgraded on the basis of the first-generation learning machine xPad1. Through learning and thinking about the content system, full-scene precision, a number of AI capabilities relying on the self-research model, as well as the industry's flagship hardware configuration, "redefine the learning machine" to create a professional and ultimate learning experience.

Zhao Puzheng, the person in charge of learning and thinking learning machine, shared the advantages and ideas of learning and thinking learning machine at the time of release. He said that learning while thinking about the learning machine should be a good teammate of the mother and a good friend of the child, and really help all families.


What is really good content? Professional enough, good system, real-time update, full scene precision

Zhao Puzheng said at the release that many of the traditional learning machines are "patchwork content + outdated hardware", so it is difficult to ensure their professionalism and system, so the actual utilization and effect are very poor, resulting in an ultra-high ash rate.

The learning and thinking first-generation learning machine, which appeared on the market at the beginning of 2023, has created a good reputation by virtue of self-developed content. The built-in content of the learning machine comes from the professional precipitation of 20 years of learning and thinking. Tens of thousands of teachers have polished repeatedly and more than 30 million students have tested it, condensing the achievements of more than 3000 teaching and research staff and R & D team.

The video explanation content in the learning machine comes from learning and thinking about excellent teachers. Zhao Pu-Zheng, who has been learning and wants to be a math teacher for many years, shares the strict requirements for the selection of recording teachers. "every teacher who stands at school and thinks about the podium has been strictly screened, and the teacher who records lessons on the learning machine is one of the best and one in a million."

Zhao Puzheng, the person in charge of the learning machine.

The accumulation of learning and thinking over the past 20 years is not only reflected in the content of the explanation, but also in the precipitation of a complete and comprehensive set of self-research knowledge graph at the atomic level.

The xPad2 Pro series launched this time is equipped with the newly developed precision Pro. Compared with the first generation of precision science, the knowledge graph is upgraded to a network structure to find the most suitable learning path for children and achieve a great leap in efficiency. Through the three modes of foundation, standard and exam preparation, we can solve the learning demands of children in different learning situations. "No matter what the child's level is, we can provide him with an efficient learning path to help him achieve his own personalized learning goals."

Three modes of Precision Learning Pro

At present, the built-in self-research content of the learning and thinking learning machine can cover the whole section and the whole discipline from enlightenment to high school, and has more than 20000 books on mathematics teaching. And more importantly, the learning and thinking teaching and research team will update these contents synchronously so as to realize the synchronous iteration with the local school curriculum.

"We have good content, new content and live content." Zhao Puzheng said, "the content engine of learning and thinking is growing like a tree, and the knowledge graph and teaching and research system are like tree trunks, with luxuriant content growing on it."


The 14-inch moisturizing eye screen with a powerful chip is specially designed for children's learning needs.

Two models were released on the 19th: the xPad2 Pro Max with a 14-inch screen and the xPad2 Pro with a 12.35-inch screen. In addition to the screen size and memory capacity, the performance of the two are basically the same, refreshing the flagship level of the learning machine category.

Think about xPad2 Pro Max while learning

Zhao Puzheng said at the release that children's need for equipment for learning is very different from the needs of adults for work or play, so children deserve a better exclusive learning equipment.

As a learning terminal for children, parents are often most concerned about eye protection. The two new models both adopt 11 layers of future paper moisturizing screen, which is the ultimate eye protection screen jointly developed by Xueershi and Huaxing Optoelectronics, and has passed a number of authoritative eye protection certifications. on the one hand, I hope that children will not feel dry even if they watch for a long time; on the other hand, it is called 'Future Paper', hoping to restore the learning, reading and practice experience on paper as much as possible.

In addition, users can manually switch three display modes: the practice mode of restoring black and white paper writing, the reading mode of color ink visual experience, the original color mode of restoring true color, and the full scene to protect children's eyesight health.

Screen display mode of xPad2 Pro series

The xPad2 Pro series is equipped with a powerful Tianji 8020 processor, 9-core GPU with strong rendering capabilities, 5-core NPU with extremely fast AI processing capabilities, and multi-core drivers for a smooth and smooth experience. Whether it is the basic performance, or AI computing power, GPU, have achieved "far ahead" in the category of learning machines at the present stage.

Zhao Pu-Zheng says that with all kinds of AI learning tools in the learning machine, the requirement for a smooth use experience naturally becomes higher. "to ensure that children learn extremely fluently is to take care of their good mood of learning."

In order to create the ultimate learning experience, the xPad2 Pro series has also made many optimization improvements in hardware configuration. The memory and battery have been greatly upgraded compared with the previous generation of products, and the whole department is equipped with millisecond delay AI stylus and AI smart eye to support the recognition and handwriting answer of the book test paper, and to realize the two-way interaction between the paper carrier and the learning machine screen.

XPad2 Pro series is equipped with AI stylus as standard.


Nine-chapter large model into a learning machine "AI chip", upgrade a number of AI capabilities

In the process of releasing the new phone, MathGPT, which was filed for the record in November this year, also appeared, and CTO Tian Mi, an education group, revealed a piece of information-- the Chinese name of MathGPT is determined to be the nine-chapter model.

"just like chips are to mobile phones, nine-chapter models are AI chips for learning and thinking about machines," Tian said. "High-quality content plus nine-chapter models, good content + good AI, to build the next generation of learning machines."

Tian Mi introduces the application of nine-chapter big model in learning machine.

Tian Mi demonstrated the AI function of the learning machine based on large model through video: automatic problem solving of mathematics, correction of complex application problems, composition correction of Chinese and English, and personalized AI step-by-step problem solving.

According to Zhao Puzheng, the learning machine has launched a "math question at any time" based on a nine-chapter model, which can achieve question-and-answer for any math problem in primary and junior high schools. Those who are temporarily unable to answer can be explained by facsimile within an hour and AI video analysis can be generated within 20 minutes.

In addition, AI tools such as fingertip translation, encyclopedia Q & A, and mental arithmetic exercises based on large models have been upgraded. These AI tools are used together through "small thought companion learning". As long as users call Xiao Si, they can call the tutoring tools they need. "I hope to liberate my mother as much as possible, and it is enough to do my homework without shouting about my mother."

Thinking about the artifact of AI tutoring based on the nine-chapter model

The xPad2 Pro series also launched the new function "AI Dialogue", which is based on the problem-solving and problem-solving ability of the nine-chapter model. Through heuristic dialogue and communication with students and "opening the black box of questions", AI Dialogue can quickly analyze students' weak points and achieve step-by-step precision learning.


Put love first and make every effort affirmed.

Learning and thinking is not to put high-quality content directly into the learning machine, but also carefully designed a variety of ways to make children like and fall in love with learning. Zhao Puzheng said that if children raise their hands to interact offline, it is easy to be depressed if they raise their hands without being called by the teacher. Therefore, in the world of learning machines, I hope that every time the child raises his hand can be paid attention to, and every answer can be inspired.

Therefore, the learning and thinking learning machine has designed a minute-level high-frequency interaction for the content, so that children feel concerned in the process, so they are more focused on learning. At the same time, starting from the psychological expectations of children, a set of global incentive system is designed, including starlight value, medal system, future treasure box and so on. Every time you start to learn, answer questions and ask questions on your own initiative, you will be encouraged so that every bit of your child's efforts can be seen and affirmed.

Medal motivation of Learning while thinking about Learning Machine

Not only that, the xPad2 Pro series also launched an exploratory interactive play that allows children to combine their hands and eyes and fully mobilize their spatial intelligence. For example, Moby Love Writing is an innovative interactive application that combines music games and learning to practice writing magically with spaced gestures to get children moving and get whole-brain exercise in high school.

Moby loves to write.

In terms of parent management, the learning and thinking learning machine is equipped with a new parent-child system with full functions, so that parents can have a good understanding of their children's learning even when they are busy. You can not only connect with video, but also send reminders and likes remotely. Based on the study of users' needs and habits, parents do not miss the growth of their children, and create a good learning environment and parent-child relationship in the family.

"A learning machine is no longer an outdated hardware, but should be a learning device specially designed for children; it should no longer be a patchwork of content, but a continuous, endless and growing content ecology served by tens of thousands of people. It should not only be a learning machine, but also a good teammate of the mother and a good friend of the child. because we believe that the companionship of love will benefit us all our lives." Zhao Puzheng said.

According to the information released at the time of the release, the xPad2 Pro Max launch price of the 14-inch model is 8599 and the xPad2 Pro 12.35-inch model is priced at 6599. Two new learning machines have been launched through various channels, such as the official website of learning and thinking, Tmall and Douyin, and will go on sale from now on.

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