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In addition to Weibo, there is also WeChat

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The new version of Tencent QQ 9 is online, and both iOS and Android versions are available for download.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens brother Yan, my love 317, soft media new friend 2010825, I am really bear, Coje_He, tyhguan, Yu linn clue delivery! December 20 news, Tencent QQ mobile version officially ushered in the QQ 9 version update, the official website has launched a new introduction page, iOS version upgraded to 9.0.1, Android version upgraded to 9.0.0 (click here to download).

According to the official introduction of QQ 9, this version brings a "light and refreshing" interface, features such as close friends and mini-nests, free customization of online status, and online preview of group files, such as documents, PPT, etc.

In addition, QQ has reopened non-Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan registrations, and re-launched Apple App Store stores in the United States.

The update log attached to is as follows: the interface is light and fresh, simple and pure, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Add close friends such as learning and sports partners to make friends different.

Super QQ Show 6 styles mini-nest can be chosen at will, with friends in the nest to easily experience the surprise of visiting.

Online status is defined freely, and there is no limit to the expression of emotions at this moment.

Added online preview of group files to support multi-group management and other improvement capabilities

Extended update log: what's new:

[adaptation] Honor Push (Honor push Service)

[new] (in normal mode) dynamic blurring of the top / bottom columns of some pages

[new] dynamic Plaza Mission Center and points Exchange Award

[new] Super QQ Show-(avatar) my-creation center

Optimize content:

[update] MiPush SDK

[adjust] the size of the icon at the top of the sidebar and the position of the icon at the bottom of the sidebar move up

[adjust] change the font in the unread bubble on the home page

[adjustment] Home page drop-down refresh animation UI

[adjust] sidebar my file layer, face-to-face express-recent file layer

[adjust] friend chat page-friend nickname, interactive logo, online status to the left

[adjust] Group chat interface-unread reminder bubble position moves down

[adjust] the chat interface deepens the background color of the reference reply box

[adjust] iterative long press message menu UI

[adjust] add animation effect to unread bubble in the upper left corner of the chat interface

[adjust] Group chat agents / listen / voice / video calls UI is floating window style, and add transition animation, the home page new display of ongoing voice / video calls

[adjust] Group chat sets the page group application location, merging part of the display settings into personality settings

[adjust] Channel-(within each channel) message notification is moved to the first level page

[adjust] Channel-post list change icon

[optimize] chat interface load message performance

[optimized] friend chat page-close friend interface UI (left slide chat page can be accessed)

[optimized] Home page-(receiving) loading animation

[optimization] double confirm the bold font of pop-up window title and button

[optimization] change the top post icon of group post / channel post to love icon

[optimized] Group list-do not Disturb in the lower right corner of the group profile picture, do not remind, block group messages Icon

[optimize] quickly locate UI in the first letter of the group member list

Fix content:

[fix] the problem of voice (microphone) permission jam in high frequency application

[fix] abnormal immersion problem in the top column of group files

[fix] some abnormal background display problems in font size group settings

[fix] Channel save / forward other people's avatars displayed as their own avatars

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