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QQ Music Android / iOS platform gets 13.0 update: so-called "brand new revision", upgrade "3D playlist", "custom player", etc.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens, soft media new friends 2010825, Coje_He for the delivery of clues! news on December 20, Tencent today pushed version 13.0 for Android / iOS platform QQ Music. At present, the official website has launched the relevant version of the client, friends can click here to download.

▲ Tencent QQ Music official website (the same below) according to Tencent, this version, known as the "18th anniversary refurbishment", brings interface updates such as "record shelf", "3D playlist" and "custom player", as well as new contents such as "timbre wizard" and "city rhythm player".

The update log attached to is as follows:

QQ Music grew up together in the bar mitzvah for the 18th anniversary of "the new revision".

"guess you like" the scene mood changes, immediately recommend music

The record shelf treasures the taste of records and immerses itself in the space of listening to songs.

"3D song list" 360 °play song list, immersive sensory enjoyment

"Custom player" brand new "colorful transparent Film" and "simple Square album" to customize your own player.

"City Rhythm player" looks at the city scenery and listens to heartbeat music.

"timbre Wizards" recorded sound, enjoyed timbre magic, and easily sang star songs.

The "Music fans Medal" medal has been upgraded to win the honorary title of a limited number of cities and create a memorial book of your star-chasing achievements.

The "Music report" records the length of listening to music in the day, week and month, and the highlight is always with you.

"accompaniment" switch between accompaniment and voice at will, listen to what you want to hear

The music library of "Dolby Panorama Sound" is the leading in China, enjoying the experience of immersed music.

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