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2258-3398 thousand yuan, Qiruixing Tuxing era ES model officially launched: the whole department standard head chassis, the first to build iFLYTEK Spark Cognitive Model

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens, soft media new friends 1989665, Xichang old clues delivery! news on December 20, this evening, Chery high-end new energy star era ES officially announced the listing, the official price range of 225800 to 339800 yuan, summary:

Air standard continued version 225800 yuan (400V 550km)

235800 yuan for Plus standard continued version (400V and 605km)

The long-lasting version of Max costs 269800 yuan (800V and 720km)

Max + extra-long flight version 299800 yuan (800V, 902km)

Ultra four-wheel drive performance version 339800 yuan (800V and 650km)

Car purchase courtesy, including 5000 yuan deposit to enjoy a maximum value of 50000 yuan seven grand gifts. The seven grand gifts are up to 20000 yuan for replacement subsidy or additional subsidy to choose one of the two, worth 15000 Fuhrer as the car owner's lifetime warranty; the value of 5000 yuan for the limited time of the whole department to choose the wilderness green appearance; the value of 4500 yuan for 7kW home charging pile and 100-meter long cable, installation; the value of 3000 yuan for comfortable service package; the value of 2000 Fuhrer as the owner of the car for life free basic flow 10g / month entertainment flow, enjoy 2 years Send 5000 user points to exchange freely for Star Yuan App Mall gifts.

The length, width and height of ES in Xingtuxing era are 4945*1978*1467mm, wheelbase 3000mm, positioning medium and large pure electric car. The new car uses the "aesthetics of the wind" design language, the overall body lines are very smooth and silky, and the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.205Cd.

Thanks to the E0X platform, the design of ES gives full play to the space utilization of the cockpit, achieving an ultra-large net space rate of 70.2%, and rear knee space up to 165mm.

In terms of interior decoration, the new car uses "qu Shui Liu Yun" interior design language, with a 15.6-inch 2.5K central control screen in the surrounding cockpit and a shielding design. The main driver side supports wireless charging of the mobile phone. It is worth mentioning that the new car is also launched with an iFLYTEK spark cognitive model, with the ability to know the cold and warm empathy, chat and self-guided response ability.

According to reports, Xintu Star era ES is equipped with Lion Melody sound system, the whole cabin is equipped with 21 high-quality speakers, 2 main headrest sound, the peak power of the sound system can reach 1000W, support panoramic sound effects, and provide exclusive comfort functions such as immersion mode, navigation mode, private mode and so on.

In addition, the new car also provides one-click heating, booking charging, gun insertion insulation, one-button car search, air conditioning timing, a number of remote control, as well as the industry's first smart island central control and other functions.

This model is based on 800V high voltage platform, using head chassis structure, and the whole system is equipped with IAS intelligent air suspension + CDC electromagnetic damping system, CLTC power consumption 11.7kWh / 100km, charging 5min 150km 15min charge from 30% to 80%.

In terms of power, the Star Epoch ES brings two versions of single / dual motors, the single motor version has 185kW and 230kW output power, and the dual motor version is the maximum power of the 353kW composed of the front 123kW motor and the rear 230kW motor, respectively, with an acceleration of 3 seconds per hundred kilometers.

In terms of intelligence, Star era ES's intelligent driving system comes from the self-research team Dazhuo Intelligence, the car system from iFLYTEK, the main control chip from Qualcomm, and the standard Horizon quality Journey 3 chip. it has five cameras, eight ultrasonic radars and two millimeter wave radars. The top model uses a double Nvidia Orin-X chip and has 12 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimeter wave radars and 1 lidar. It can realize the functions of high speed NOP, urban NOA and intelligent parking AVP.

In addition, its built-in E0X also applies the advanced cross-domain converged EEA 5.0electronic and electrical architecture, with a computing power of up to 1000 TOPS, and uses the SOA double decoupling software architecture and Gigabit Ethernet communication network to fully support the advanced intelligent driving of Star era ES and the Galaxy AI cockpit.

In terms of intelligent driving, Star era ES full-scene NEP supports extremely intelligent multi-mode interactive cockpit and full-scene intelligent driving with the blessing of 508TOPS computing platform and 30 intelligent sensors. At the same time, Star Epoch ES can also be used with high-precision solid-state lidar to drive safely in high-density and complex urban scenes.

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