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Xiaomi ZMI was sued by Zimi zime and claimed a "huge claim". The head of Cool Section spoke out.

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Thanks to netizen Ziyi Scholar for clue delivery! December 21 news, Jiangsu Zimi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, is one of the earliest investment enterprises in Xiaomi ecological chain, its own brand ZMI, the main products include mobile power, charger, wireless charger and so on.

However, since the Chinese "Purple Rice" trademark belongs to the owner of another "Purple Rice Official Flagship Store"(English name "zime"), Xiaomi subsequently launched the eco-chain brand "CUKTECH Cool Science," known as "the original ZMI core team joined," and has released a number of mobile power products.

▲ Screenshot of Zimi official flagship store

▲ After several months of Cooltech mobile power products, Eric, head of marketing/design of CUKTECH Cooltech, tweeted that a certain entity (zime) in Shenzhen filed a lawsuit against Jiangsu Zimi Electronics (ZMI), which is already a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiaomi, and claimed huge compensation.

It feels magical. On second thought, he wondered how many smaller companies would deal with such a situation. To be fair, Jiangsu Purple Rice did not protect its own brand in terms of laws and regulations. It is undeniable that it has its own problems, but I believe that some people will disagree with such behavior. Such behavior, if allowed, is not considered benign by individuals. I hope that more people can understand before and after things, and the start-up team pays more attention to brand trademark management. The team that wants to do things will not be treated like this again. has not found specific information about the lawsuit yet and will continue to follow up on the follow-up progress.

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