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Sources say the director of Shawshank Redemption will direct two episodes of the fifth season of Strange things.

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Shulou( Report--, December 21, according to The InSneider, Frank de la Bont (Frank Darabont) will direct two of the eight episodes of the fifth season of Strange things.

It is reported that the fifth season of "Strange things" is the final season of the series, and the addition of this famous director can attract more attention from the audience. Note: Frank Darabont's few director works have won him the love of fans all over the world, such as Shawshank's Redemption and Miracle in the Green.

In 2001, his Oscar ambition "forget who I am" made Jim Carrey addicted to acting in the real play, but failed at the box office and word of mouth. The 2007 work is based on Stephen King's novel "Mist".

However, the production of Delabont has been very low in recent years, and the last production was the 2013 American TV series "the Los Angeles gangster." He spent most of these years fighting a "Walking Dead" lawsuit with AMC.

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