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Us Consumer report: the software repair provided by Tesla for 2 million recalled vehicles is still insufficient.

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Shulou( Report--, December 21 (Xinhua)-- Tesla recalled more than 2 million cars due to self-driving problems and provided them with OTA updates to repair them, according to an assessment released by Consumer report magazine on Tuesday (19th). However, the researchers' evaluation confirmed that the repair measures provided by Tesla were "still insufficient."

William Wallace, deputy director of safety policy at Consumer report, said Tesla should have launched a comprehensive and widespread recall of Autopilot "at least five years ago", a delay that was "unacceptable". At the same time, he praised NHTSA for its perseverance.

Tesla provided an update of version 2023.44.30 to fix autopilot problems, and according to documents submitted to NHTSA, this version of OTA will increase the salience of visual alerts and change the operation of tapping a joystick to activate autopilot.

According to a safety expert in Consumer report, after an upgrade of a Model S, a preliminary assessment of the Autopilot showed that "the repair work is not sufficient" because the feature is still vulnerable to abuse by drivers.

Kelly Van Hauser, deputy director of automotive technology at the Consumer report Automotive Test Center, said that while welcoming some of the changes made by Tesla in the latest OTA, it has not done enough to prevent misoperation or address "fundamental factors" such as driver inattention.

For example, when the researchers blocked the camera used to monitor the car owner, the Autopilot could still be turned on. "drivers can still use Autopilot if they are out of sight, use a mobile phone, or are distracted."

In addition, when the driver chooses to operate the vehicle himself, the Autopilot will be disconnected as before-in contrast, "cooperative steering" is supported by drivers of "traditional brands" such as BMW, Ford and Mercedes-Benz, where the owner can turn on the lane-changing auxiliary system.

"when the Autopilot is active, there is no co-steering. This means that either the car is driving itself or the human driver is driving, and there are only two options." "drivers should bypass potholes or steering cyclists, or make extra space for neighboring vehicles, instead of rebooting the Autopilot every time," Kelly Van Hauser said.

Previously on Tesla recently announced the launch of a large-scale recall of 2.03 million vehicles. NHTSA said that the automatic steering assist system (Autosteer) function of the Autopilot equipped by Tesla may cause drivers to not pay enough attention to the road while driving.

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