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DRAM / NAND giant increases semiconductor investment next year: Samsung increases 25%, SK Hynix increases 100%

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery!, December 21, according to South Korean media ETNews, Samsung and SK Hynix both plan to increase investment in semiconductor equipment in 2024.

Samsung plans to invest 27 trillion won ( Note: currently about 148.23 billion yuan), an increase of 25% over the 2023 investment budget, while SK Hynix plans to invest 5.3 trillion won (currently about 29.097 billion yuan), up 100% from this year's investment.

According to the report, Samsung and SK Hynix have increased their production capacity targets for 2024 in addition to increasing investment in semiconductor equipment.

It is reported that Samsung will increase the production of DRAM and NAND flash memory by 24%, while SK Hynix aims to increase DRAM capacity to the end of 2022.

Samsung has about 38.9% of the market share in DRAM, compared with 34.3% of SK Hynix in terms of market share, according to revenue figures for the third quarter of 2023 released by Jibang Consulting.

In NAND, Samsung has about 31.4% of the market, while SK Hynix has 20.2%.

Due to chronic oversupply in the DRAM and NAND markets, major manufacturers have adopted the approach of reducing production, which has not eased until recently.

In the face of a rebound in prices, two major South Korean companies are planning to make major investments, raising concerns that the memory industry may face new challenges.

In addition, it is generally believed that some future AI-related applications will require large-capacity memory support. For example, global smartphone shipments are expected to grow by 3% next year, which is expected to boost demand in the high-value memory market.

Ji Bang Consulting also pointed out that the recent news about memory manufacturers to expand investment and increase production capacity is mainly driven by the growth of demand in the HBM market, rather than the capacity expansion of all products.

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