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Apple sent a letter to developers to encourage them to develop applications for Vision Pro headers

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Shulou( Report-- December 21 news, according to foreign technology media 9to5Mac reports, Apple has sent a letter to a number of developers, email title "Get ready"(Get ready), encourage them to port and develop visionOS applications.

In the letter, Apple invites developers to download and use the Xcode 15.2 Beta released last week, calling visionOS SDK and Reality Composer Pro for development.

Apple recommends developers use visionOS emulators for testing or get feedback from Apple. today quoted Gulman as saying that Apple is increasing production capacity and plans to launch Vision Pro headsets in February next year.

Gulman said Apple has been pushing production over the past few weeks to make sure the Vision Pro headset has enough stock by the end of January to start retail in February.

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