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Mass production line of large capacity energy storage core of sea-based 314Ah

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 21, according to the "sea-based new energy" official account news, recently, the first batch of sea-based new energy 314Ah energy storage battery production line, marking the beginning of the sea-based high-capacity battery era.

According to reports, while keeping the same volume of 280Ah, this new battery uses 314Ah energy storage cell to increase the 20-foot container load from the original 3.44MWh to 5MWh, reducing the system integration cost by more than 10% and achieving a larger capacity.

▲ drawing source "sea-based new energy" official account, the same as the sea-based 314Ah energy storage battery in material selection, cell design, simulation analysis, manufacturing and other aspects of comprehensive control. By optimizing the material ratio of positive lithium iron phosphate and the application of lithium supplement technology, controlling the degree of graphitization and reducing the consumption of negative active lithium, it is claimed that the cycle life of the cell can be effectively increased to more than 10000 times. the kilowatt-hour cost of the whole life cycle is further reduced. inquiry learned that the cell size is 71x173x207mm, nominal capacity 314Ah, nominal energy 1004.8Wh, claimed to have a life span of more than 12000 times, energy efficiency more than 95%.

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