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Microsoft posted Teams results: more than 320 million monthly active users and more than 2000 store apps

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Shulou( Report--, December 21, Microsoft announced today that the number of monthly active users of Microsoft Teams applications exceeds 320 million. The Teams App Store currently offers more than 2000 applications to help enterprises build more than 145000 custom line of business (LOB) applications. inquired about it and found that Microsoft announced in October that the number of monthly active users of Teams exceeded 320 million, but the latest press release expanded the information related to applications.

Microsoft announced on November 1 this year that Teams and Microsoft 365 will integrate Copilot, and enterprise users can use plug-ins to extend Teams and call Copilot to handle various tasks.

Microsoft launched a new Teams for Windows and macOS in October this year. The new Microsoft Teams for macOS abandons the resource-intensive Electron framework and shifts to Microsoft's WebView2 technology, which can further accelerate application performance and improve application productivity.

Microsoft promises to increase installation speed by three times, startup time by two times, and switch between chat and channels by 1.7 times. Joining the meeting should also be twice as fast; memory footprint should be reduced by 50%, and disk space by 70%.

In addition to improving the performance, the new version of Teams also simplifies the operation logic and reduces the confusion of notifications, messages and other contents.

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