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The annual stocktaking of "Zhihu 2023" officially opened, and everyone cares about this year.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 21, the year-end banquet of Zhihu and the annual IP "Zhihu 2023" series of activities were officially launched, which also opened the prelude to Zhihu's series of stocktaking activities. From now on, "Zhihu 2023" makes a comprehensive review, summary and prospect of this year, recording traces of time in a question and answer, and sending a 2023 thinking and moving.

In the "Zhihu 2023" series of activities, there are not only "insights and conversations", which are related to the present and the future, but also videos expressing Zhihu's attitude, as well as a "personal annual report" that users look forward to. In addition, the classic inventory of "annual care" and "annual care discussion" condenses the most representative annual thinking in Zhihu in the past year.

A series of lists, such as "Zhihu growth Respondent", "Zhihu 2023 Little Blue label Certification report", "2023 Zhihu Yanyan short Story influence list" and "Movie of the year", will recognize the creators' growth, scale and contribution in different dimensions. At the same time, a series of activities in various fields have also been launched at the end of the year, focusing on the content that the vast number of new employees and users really care about in the past year.

About tomorrow's speech-- "Insight talk"

This is a speech about tomorrow. As a knowledge speech program jointly created by Zhihu interviewees and top experts, Zhihu's New year's speech "Insight conversation" will be launched on December 26. In January this year, the first "Insight talk" discussed social issues of public concern in 2022, focusing on seven key areas, including extreme climate, macro-economy, smart health care, and social psychology.

The second session of "Insight talk" will bring together eight hot topics in 2023: big models, solid-state batteries, Chinese science fiction, mRNA technology, social psychology, sports, macroeconomics, and the Anthropocene. We will invite a number of top experts in various fields to give keynote speeches and talk to a number of Zhihu respondents to care about the future of mankind and discuss the real problems troubling the present.

In the second trailer of "Insight to talk", a number of experts and scholars expressed their professional views in their respective fields and made scientific predictions on the relationship between future development and daily life. Output professional insights in the collision of conversations, showing the core attributes of professional discussions.

2023 of "care", looking back on this year

Zhihu cares about every voice, every perspective and every discussion of the user. "if you could say a word to 2023, what would you say?" The memory of Zhihu in 2023 was condensed under the question, and about 1200 respondents wrote down their gains, losses, gratitude and regrets during the year.

The personal annual report "I care about 2023", which records the track of users in Zhihu, will be released on December 25, which will lead users to look back on every time they ask and think, advance and reshape in Zhihu. On the same day, the video "the right way-the 2023 I care about", which carries the attitude of Zhihu throughout the year, will also be officially launched, focusing on the issues that people are most concerned about this year.

The classic "2023 questions of the year" and "caring discussion of the year" selected the most representative questions, answers, ideas and other contents of Zhihu in 2023, looking back on every question, thought and discussion of the year. The "year-end small question" activity records the stories of Zhihu users in the fireworks years.

Zhihu annual list, recording growth and achievements

Zhihu 2023 will release various annual lists one after another. Zhihu 2023 growth Respondent, which will debut on December 25, will show the excellent respondents who bring power to users with high-quality content in the three dimensions of interaction, income and good things recommendation, and show and praise the creators' efforts.

Zhihu Little Blue Standard, which serves the professional identity authentication of new employees, has also launched the "Zhihu 2023 Little Blue Standard Certification report", which comprehensively shows the data growth of new employees over the past year, covering the industry and other information. So far, the small blue standard "on-the-job company and position certification" has covered more than 5800 jobs in more than 130 industries.

The "Zhihu 2023 New products list", which reflects the consumption trend of new employees, according to the hottest issues and topics discussed around consumer content throughout the year, combined with professional respondents' nomination and true sharing among Zhihu users, extracted the top ten consumption trends of Zhihu in 2023, as well as 100 representative new products covering digital, home appliances, automobile, fashion, sports and pet industries. " Zhihu 2023 New products list highlights the consumption trend of new employees in 2023, providing users with professional and real consumption decisions.

In addition, "Zhihu 2023" will also release the year-end creative inventory of Yanyan stories, and release the outstanding creative stories of the year through the "2023 Zhihu Yanyan short Story influence list".

Year-end inventory of new employees, Zhihu version of the industry yearbook

A large number of professional and believe in professional new employees gathered in Zhihu, they come from different fields, have a strong professional and circle influence. In the "Zhihu 2023" activity, the year-end inventory of science, technology, film and television, workplace, games, automobiles and other fields has provided users with a version of Zhihu industry yearbook.

2023 is a vibrant year for the technology industry. With the emergence of ChatGPT, scientific and technological innovation brings unlimited possibilities to society and life. As the cornerstone field of Zhihu, Zhihu launched the "Breaking Dawn 2023 Technology Review" campaign in the field of science and technology, and released the annual list of "nine scientific events" in the application layer of science and technology, which is closely related to new hires. show the trend of breaking dawn in the field of science and technology.

2023 is also a booming year for the film and television industry. Zhihu Film and Television continues the "Zhihu actor of the year" IP, and through discussion of topics, review of high-scoring works, Q & An of the year, etc., to drive the broad masses of users to share their own resonant moments of watching movies, taking stock of annual works and events, and reviewing industry and social and cultural changes.

In the workplace areas that new employees are concerned about, Zhihu launched a series of "2023 workplace insight" activities to measure job recruitment, employee mentality, workplace actions and stories throughout the year. In addition, Zhihu will jointly launch the "2023 Workplace Insight report" with hook recruitment to restore the workplace trend of the year with figures and stories.

In addition, Zhihu's "2023 Game Yearbook" includes game stories of game enthusiasts and practitioners this year; "2023 Automobile inventory" makes a comprehensive summary of the new trends of the automobile industry, new cars on the market, and new directions of technology in 2023. It is understood that Zhihu 2023 will also build offline activities in many cities across the country to bring the answers of new employees to more people.

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