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Douyin e-commerce has launched a "gold producing area plan" to help industries bring about the transformation and upgrading of the real economy.

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On December 19, Douyin held an industrial belt development forum in Kunming, Yunnan, to discuss how "global interest e-commerce" can better promote the sustainable development of the industrial belt and promote the transformation and upgrading of the regional real economy. The platform also issued the "Social value Honor Badge" to encourage businesses and creators to actively participate in social public welfare undertakings such as helping farmers, non-heritage, domestic products, books and so on.

Note: Yunnan Province and Douyin have reached deep cooperation with e-commerce in key industries.

This event is under the guidance of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Internet Information Office and Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce, and is jointly sponsored by Kunming Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Douyin e-commerce. At the event site, Douyin e-commerce announced the launch of in-depth cooperation with key e-commerce industrial belts in Yunnan Province, and the Douyin e-commerce "Yunpin Tesco" area was officially launched. The two sides will cooperate in an all-round way to jointly create a good ecology for the development of new e-commerce through complementary advantages and resource sharing, help Yunnan's good goods sell well throughout the country, speed up the digital transformation of Yunnan's characteristic industries, and promote the high-quality development of Yunnan's e-commerce.

Li Shasha, deputy general manager of Douyin Group Government Affairs Cooperation, said that Yunnan's unique industrial resources advantage naturally coincides with the attribute of "global interest e-commerce", and the Yunnan industrial belt has given birth to a number of best-selling categories on the platform. From January to November this year, more than 12 million high-quality goods from 22 regional industrial belts in Yunnan were known and purchased by consumers across the country through Douyin e-commerce. Among them, sales of flowers increased by more than 155%, fruits and vegetables increased by more than 99%, and nearly 10 million consumers bought Pu'er tea.

She revealed that the platform "Yunpin Tesco" area sold more than 3.6 million high-quality cloud products and sales of more than 200 million yuan only during the trial operation of "Singles Day". The platform will also continue to drive the consumption of goods in Yunnan by launching online consumption coupons and creating holiday promotions in the special area. The platform will continue to give full play to its advantages, work with people from all walks of life in Yunnan to build industrial clusters to promote high-quality regional economic development, open up a new space more conducive to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and form a "cloud market" with strong driving force and promising prospects.

Photo note: merchants in Yunnan Industrial Belt won the Douyin Medal of Honor of Social value.

At the event site, Douyin e-commerce also awarded the first batch of "social value honor badges" to merchants from Yunnan Industrial Belt in recognition of their outstanding contributions in social value activities. The winners include Eaves Garden flagship store, MUMUHOME Horticulture flagship store, Yunxuan supply chain, Shidei, Siqin Flower, fresh Bee team, Rebao fresh, six Chashan flagship stores, veteran Gay flagship store, Jinqiao flagship store, Mengkurong flagship store and other 11 platform outstanding merchants.

Douyin e-commerce social value badge of honor is a long-term honor incentive launched by the platform to recognize businesses and talents who have made outstanding contributions in social value activities. and encourage more business talent to participate in helping agriculture, non-heritage, industrial development, books, domestic products renovated and other activities.

Photo note: Douyin e-commerce jointly with the national industrial belt to carry out traceability activities to create a "gold producing area" business card

It is reported that Douyin e-commerce because of its "global interest in e-commerce" advantages, through live streaming, short videos and shopping malls and other models, fully demonstrate the characteristics, value and spiritual connotation of the products in the industrial belt, so that the source of good goods directly reach hundreds of millions of consumers across the country.

In order to further go deep into the national industrial clusters to meet the rising needs of consumers for a better life, the platform has successively launched industrial belt development plans such as "Industrial growth Plan", "Golden producing area Plan" and "Weaving China". Actively cooperate with local governments and industries to support small and medium-sized businesses in the industrial belt systematically and on a large scale, enhance the popularity of local products, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the regional economy and the real economy. In 2023, the platform established a deep cooperation relationship with high-quality e-commerce in industrial belt with Fujian, Kunming and other places.

So far, Douyin e-commerce has covered more than 684 characteristic industrial belts across the country. In the past year, the number of merchants in the industrial belt of the platform grew by more than 19.4%, and the sales volume of goods in the industrial belt increased by more than 66%. Data trends show that there is still a huge room for increment in the sales of products in the industrial belt in Douyin e-commerce, and more and more creators and merchants have joined the platform and made profits. At the same time, more and more domestic brands and products with regional characteristics also have room for development on this platform.

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