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List of clean ingredients: 7.8 yuan per can of plateau black lard (half price for competitive products)

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Tmall [Gaojin Food flagship Store]

The daily price of Gaojin plateau black lard 300g is 36.3 yuan, but the order issued today is reduced by 5.5 yuan. You can get an impulse coupon of 17 yuan plus a 50g*1 bag of sliced meat for lunch, which can be delivered with free delivery of 13.8 yuan:

Tmall Gaojin plateau black lard 300g free 50g lunch meat 1 bag coupon 13.8 yuan 17 yuan coupon * the main picture of the commodity is visible (if it is not marked, please do not place an order), if not, it is finished.

Lunch meat 50g*5 bag discount price 29.8 yuan, equivalent to only 5.96 yuan per bag: click here to see.

At this price, the promotion will cost only about 7.8 yuan per can.

The daily price of this kind of 300g canned lard is about 20 yuan for offline merchants of various brands, and this promotion is about half price.

Introduction to Baby Brand: GOLDKINN FOODS / High Gold Food

Factory name: Sichuan Gaojin Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Storage method: storage at room temperature

Product standard number: GB 10146

Date of production: October 01, 2023 to November 13, 2023

Shelf life: 180

Tmall Gaojin plateau black lard 300g free 50g luncheon meat 1 bag coupon 13.8 yuan 17 yuan coupon

Tmall no threshold red packet up to 8888 yuan, smoke once a day: click here to draw red packet.

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