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How about the new big-eyed orange C1Air projector? How to evaluate this thousand yuan projector?

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Recently, a friend consulted a newly listed projector, the big-eyed orange C1Air, which has been on the shelves for only a week, and there are already many users discussing it, many people are aiming at its price, after all, the price of more than 1,000 yuan is relatively enough to attract people who are interested, and this projector is also equipped with a head, and its appearance is relatively fresh, which is suitable for the aesthetic of young people as a whole.

So what about this new big-eyed orange C1Air projector? How to evaluate this thousand yuan projector? After analysis, the author summarizes the five bright spots and shares them with interested colleagues to see if its performance-to-price ratio is as high as Big Eye Orange says!

After reading the product introduction, the author believes that the five highlights of this big-eyed orange C1Air projector are: convenient head, projection ratio, brightness, resolution and intelligence.

First of all, the biggest highlight of this projector is the head. As can be seen from the official propaganda, the head with this projection is similar to the extreme rice Play3. It belongs to an one-sided head bracket, which is a bit like a fitness treadmill, and its appearance is gray or milky white like the machine. It is quite appropriate to match as a whole, judging from the development trend of the projector in 2023. The head is one of the inevitable future trends of the projector. after all, with the head support, you can cast as high as you want, and the big-eyed orange C1Air projector head bracket can support 180 °large angle rotation, that is to say, you can realize the wish of lying down to win the crowd to cast the ceiling. The price of more than a thousand yuan with such a head support is really very bright.

The second bright spot is the projection ratio. Why? Because most young people who buy projectors now use it in the bedroom, the bedroom space is relatively small, and those with a small projection ratio will have a natural advantage. They can get a larger screen at the same distance. Isn't it just a big screen to buy a projector? the projection ratio of this big-eyed orange C1Air is 1:1, that is to say, it is 1 meter from the wall, and the width of the picture is 1 meter, 2.2 meters from the wall. It can project a large screen of 100 inches, which is much larger than other machines for people who use it in most bedrooms, so the projection ratio of the big-eyed orange C1Air is small, which is still a good advantage.

The third bright spot is brightness. As a closed optical machine, under the premise of small size of the projector, to achieve 430CVIA lumen brightness, the design of this big-eyed orange projector is praiseworthy. After all, at present, the brightness of the same type of projector in this price basically will not exceed this number. So, under the premise of small size, the brightness of this projector has already achieved the best of the same type. This is also worthy of recognition. In addition, I would like to say that the brightness of 430CVIA lumens is really enough at night, and Kaifeng lights can see very clearly. After all, even tens of thousands of projectors are afraid of the influence of daytime light.

The fourth bright spot is its high resolution, which is the physical 1080p resolution. This is where the single LCD has the most advantage over the DLP projector. The DLP projectors of the same price are basically 0.23DMD chips. The brightness is not high, the resolution is still shaken out, and its actual original resolution is only 480p, so the original 1080p resolution of the projector with more than one thousand yuan is indeed very competitive. In addition, the contrast is much higher than the low-price projection of DLP, so everyone has a budget of just over a thousand yuan, this big-eyed orange C1Air can be considered and has a higher performance-to-price ratio.

The fifth bright spot is to see how intelligent it is. At present, it has achieved automatic focus and automatic trapezoid correction, these two items are particularly important for small and portable projectors, because there may be more movement in the process of use, and this projector has its own head, slightly adjust the picture position, need to adjust the picture clarity and square amplitude, such as this big-eyed orange C1Air is fully automatic control, then save a lot of manual adjustment time It is easy to use, and the projector supports automatic alignment of screen edges and intelligent obstacle avoidance, which are also indispensable for those who want to be equipped with screens and perfectionists. Individuals are willing to give high marks for the configuration of Big Eye Orange C1Air.

Combining the above five highlights, configured on an intelligent projector with a little more than a thousand, it is still very bright. After all, at the same price, either there is not enough brightness or there is no head, or the degree of intelligence is not high. Like this projector, to achieve the level of basically five items, it is still very worthwhile to try. Oh, forget the point that everyone is very concerned about, that is, you can project the screen with one click. Now the intelligent projector to do one-click projection screen is quite convenient, directly the video on the phone to the big screen to watch, it is simply too sweet, this function is also often used by the author.

Overall, big-eyed orange C1 Air cost-effective is worth paying attention to, now there are many preferential policies for new products on the market, you can go to the official store to find out.

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