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Equipment simulation software QEMU 8.2 released: support Godson LASX extension and PRELDX instructions, etc.

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Shulou( Report--, December 21 (Xinhua)-- the open source device emulator and virtualization software QEMU 8.2 have been officially released. This is the second major update to the QEMU 8.0 series. Friends can click here to visit the download address.

▲ source QEMU project official website QEMU (Quick Emulator) is one of the mainstream device simulation software in the industry, which can run operating systems and programs supporting other architectures on physical machines with one architecture (such as X86 PC), so that the software can run under different hardware architectures without awareness. For software developers, QEMU can provide a platform for system execution under different hardware architectures, as well as a software cross-architecture integrated test environment to improve software development efficiency and maturity.

The main update log of QEMU 8.2 attached to is as follows:

ARM: provide CPU simulation support for Cortex-a710 and neoverse-n2

ARM: supports architectural features such as PACQARMA3, EPAC, Pauth2, FPAC, FPACCOMBINE, TIDCP1, MOPS, HBC and HPMN0

HPPA: provide CPU emulation support for 64-bit PA-RISC 2.0

HPPA: provide machine simulation support for C3700

LoongArch: support for LASX extensions and PRELDX directives

LoongArch: enable CPU emulation support for la132

RISC-V: provides ISA / extension support for AIA virtualization based on KVM and vector encryption instructions

RISC-V: redo a lot of extensions and instructions

S390x: vfio-ap passthrough that supports encryption adapters to protect protected virtualized users

Tricore: TC37x CPU supporting the implementation of ISA v1.6.2

Tricore: supports CRCN, FTOU, FTOHP, and HPTOF instructions

The x86:Zen architecture now supports "PV console" and "network devices"

Added new virtio-sound device emulation

Enable new virtio-gpu rutabaga device emulation for Android simulator

New dynamic memory protocol device hv-balloon for Hyper-V guests

A new Universal Flash device simulation has been added

Improved performance of 64-bit offset of network block devices (NBD)

Dump-guest-memory now supports standard kdump format

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