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Enriching the spiritual food every day, the Himalayas have officially completed the adaptation of Hongmeng's original application version.

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On December 20, Himalaya, China's leading audio sharing platform, reached a cooperation with Huawei, announcing the formal completion of Hongmeng native application adaptation based on HarmonyOS NEXT. Himalaya, as an audio giant, joining Hongmeng Ecology will undoubtedly promote more audio manufacturers to speed up the pace of "Hongmenization" and work together to create a richer and wiser full-scene "sound universe".

In the era of information fragmentation, audio content, which is characterized by convenience, diversity and immersive companionship, has become one of the mainstream ways for more and more young people to obtain information and leisure and entertainment. The Himalayas, which is committed to becoming the "spiritual food for every day", is leading "listening" to become a more trendy and healthy way of life. Relying on high-quality and diverse content categories and rich and prosperous anchor ecology, the Himalayas are also favored by hundreds of millions of users. According to the latest data, as of the third quarter of 2023, the average number of monthly active users of the Himalayan scene reached 345 million, the number of platform podcast listeners exceeded 160 million, and the number of monthly active users of interactive entertainment business (live broadcast) increased by 36.8% compared with the same period last year.

The original Himalayan Hongmeng can enhance the user experience based on the native intelligence of HarmonyOS, allowing its audio content matrix to be delivered to a wider audience in a more efficient and "timely" manner. At the same time, relying on HarmonyOS's development mode of "one-time development and multi-terminal deployment", Himalayas can not only significantly reduce the cycle and cost of application development, but also enable the audio content being played to be transferred to mobile phones, tablets, cars and other full-scene devices with one click, realizing automatic connection and seamless switching, and looking for new traffic growth points. For example, the car is one of the important scenes in the future. users can listen to the content on their mobile phones before getting on the bus, and when they get off the bus, they can switch back to their phones or switch to smart speakers and other devices; for family users, parents can use the Himalayas through their mobile phones, and children can listen to children's stories through smartwatches.

Jiang Jie, CTO of Himalaya, said: "there has always been a comprehensive and in-depth cooperative relationship between Himalaya and Huawei, and we are proud to be one of the first ecological partners of HarmonyOS. The Himalayas plan to further enrich our full-scene service ecological layout by relying on the advanced intelligent experience provided by HarmonyOS intelligent terminals. We are committed to working together to significantly improve the user experience, so that more users can experience and consume valuable content with maximum convenience. "

Zhu Yonggang, president of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services, said: "as an important partner in the audio industry, Himalayas have taken the lead in launching Hongmeng native application development, which has promoted the enrichment and improvement of Hongmeng's ecological territory. It is hoped that in the future, we will join hands to create a more diversified auditory experience for users, relying on Hongmeng's advantage of full scene and free flow across different forms of terminal devices, so that people can listen to high-quality audio content at any time, no matter where they are. At the same time, Himalayas can also get more new traffic and new business opportunities under Hongmeng ecology. "

Since Huawei announced in September that HamonyOS NEXT was ready and Hongmeng's native application was fully launched, Hongmeng Ecology has entered a new stage of a hundred rivers entering the sea and a thousand sails concurrently. Up to now, hundreds of enterprises from 18 fields, such as travel navigation, news reading, practical tools, tourism and accommodation, financial management, convenient life, food, games and so on, have launched Hongmeng native application development. With the addition of the Himalayas, Hongmeng's ecological territory has been further expanded, and the "Sound Universe" has become more prosperous in the full-scene world of the Internet of everything.

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