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Nature magazine predicts scientific events worth looking forward to next year: Chang'e-6 and GPT-5 are on the list.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22 (Xinhua)-- the official website of Nature magazine has compiled and prospected the scientific and technological events that are expected to happen in 2024, including artificial intelligence, astronomy, biomedicine, physics and information technology.

The figure source is summarized as follows:

Advances in artificial intelligence OpenAI is expected to release the next-generation AI model of GPT-5-- to support chat robots by the end of next year, which is expected to be more advanced than its predecessor, GPT-4.

At the same time, the launch of Google Gemini, a competitor of GPT-4, has also attracted the attention of scientists. AlphaFold, a new AI tool owned by Google DeepMind, will also be released next year. Researchers have used the tool to predict the three-dimensional shape of proteins with high precision, which is expected to open up new possibilities for drug design and discovery.

The United Nations high-level artificial intelligence advisory body will submit a final report in the middle of next year to develop guidelines for the international regulation of the AI.

Aiming at the starry sky, the Vera Rubin Observatory in Chile plans to start operating some instruments by the end of next year to observe the sky over the entire southern hemisphere for a decade.

The Simmons Observatory in Chile is nearing completion in the middle of next year and will look for the characteristics of primitive gravitational waves in the cosmic microwave background. But scientists are still worried that new ground-based telescope data may not be available because the night sky is increasingly polluted by light from clusters of satellites.

The World Mosquito Project, the nonprofit arm of mosquitoes, will produce a disease-resistant mosquito next year with bacterial strains that prevent the spread of disease-causing viruses, thus protecting nearly 70 million people from dengue fever, Zika and other diseases.

In addition to the pandemic, the US government is funding trials of three next-generation vaccines: a nasal vaccine that produces immunity in airway tissue and prevents infection, and a mRNA vaccine that enhances antibody and T cell response.

The World Health Organization will also release the final draft of the pandemic treaty at the World Health Assembly in May next year.

Lunar mission next year, China is preparing to carry out the "Chang'e-6" lunar sampling and return mission. If the mission is successful, samples will be collected from the far side of the moon for the first time.

Meanwhile, Artemis II will be launched as soon as November next year, and four astronauts (three men and one woman) will fly around the moon for 10 days in a spaceship.

Illuminate dark matter the results of an experiment to detect dark matter particles (axions) will be announced next year, and next year is likely to be the year when scientists determine the mass of neutrinos.

Consciousness debate: in the second round next year, people may have a new understanding of the neural basis of consciousness. A large project is testing two theories of consciousness through a series of adversarial experiments, and the results of the second experiment are expected to be released by the end of 2024.

In the first round of experiments, neither theory fully matched the observed brain imaging data, settling a 25-year gamble in which philosophy prevailed over neuroscience. The second round of experiments may bring neuroscience closer to solving the mysteries of subjective experience.

Save the Earth in the second half of next year, the International Court of Justice in the Hague is likely to comment on countries' legal obligations to deal with climate change and rule on the legal consequences of countries found to have destroyed the climate. Although the ruling is not legally binding, the influence of the Court can push countries to strengthen their climate goals.

In addition, negotiations on the United Nations plastic Treaty will also end next year. The treaty aims to establish a binding international agreement to eliminate plastic pollution.

Early next year, researchers will launch Europe's first super-large-scale supercomputer, Jupiter, which can perform tens of billions of calculations per second.

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