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Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck delivery faces new difficulties: it is reported that the output of 4680 batteries only meets 10% of the demand.

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Thanks to netizen Brother Black fly's left hand and Jiayi's clue delivery! According to news on December 22, Musk announced last month that Tesla's Cybertruck pickup truck will achieve its annual production target of 250000 vehicles by 2025. According to Reuters Beijing time early this morning, quoting nine sources, Tesla is still a long way from such an output target, because one of the "main" bottlenecks is the production speed of 4680 batteries.

The 4680 battery uses a new dry coating technology in the manufacturing process. Using public data and public data provided by the above sources, Reuters calculated that the 4680 battery cores currently produced at Tesla's Giga plant in Texas can power only 24000 Cybertruck vehicles a year, equivalent to about 10 per cent of the target production.

Based on the number of batteries in the 4680 battery pack carried by the Cybertruck, Tesla needs to reach the target of 340 million batteries a year. In other words, daily production should reach nearly 1 million to meet the demand for 250000 Cybertruck.

The results show that it currently takes 16 weeks for the Texas plant to produce 10 million batteries. This means that the annual production of this kind of battery is 32.5 million, which is equivalent to the battery use of 24000 Cybertruck.

Mr Musk has previously said that prototypes are easy and that production is "hell". This time, according to the nine people, Tesla has not yet solved the problem of "dry coating" on an industrial scale. They say there is no problem with the anode dry coating of the 4680 battery, but the production of the cathode dry coating has encountered difficulties-the most expensive part of the battery.

Tesla also hopes to use 4680 batteries to power other vehicles, especially small cars worth $25000 ( Note: about 179000 yuan) expected to be launched in the mid-2020s.

According to Tesla battery director Drew Baglino in October this year, Tesla plans to install eight production lines at the Texas plant in two stages, and the last four production lines will be put into operation by the end of 2024. But people familiar with the matter say it is not easy to copy existing technology from one production line to another.

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