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The first batch of polar fox cars were granted Beijing self-driving (L3) highway test license.

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Shulou( Report-- December 22 news, according to ARCFOX extreme Fox official WeChat, relevant departments in Beijing issued the "Beijing Intelligent Network Union Automobile Policy first Zone conditional self-driving function vehicle Road Test Management rules (trial)" on December 16, and Jihu became one of the first companies to be granted Beijing conditional self-driving (L3 level) highway road test license.

According to reports, the road test license of conditional autopilot (L3) expressway needs to go through a series of procedures such as closed venue test, autopilot ability assessment and expert evaluation by relevant departments in Beijing.

According to the requirements, all self-driving cars applying for self-driving test license are required to pass the closed venue test and the corresponding level of ability assessment. It includes the ability to comply with traffic laws and regulations, the ability to execute autopilot, and the ability to take over manually in case of emergency. Only when it reaches a certain level of ability, can it be tested on the road after passing the vehicle safety technical inspection.

In addition, test drivers must be able to take over self-driving vehicles at any time after not less than 50 hours of training and training. Before hitting the road, it is necessary to pass the evaluation and demonstration of experts; after hitting the road, the test vehicles should install regulatory facilities and upload data to ensure that self-driving vehicles are tested at the prescribed time and on the prescribed road sections, and are subject to supervision at any time.

According to previous reports, Mercedes-Benz is also the first batch of Beijing conditional self-driving (L3) highway road test license, while BMW and Zhiji have been granted high-speed highway autopilot (L3) test license in Shanghai.

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