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Google Chrome browser introduces "security check" function to eliminate the influence of data leakage.

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Shulou( Report-- December 22, Google recently issued a press release announcing that it will update the Chrome browser in the near future, introduce a number of security features, including security checks (Safety Check), and further improve the performance of the browser.

Security checks (Safety Check) are run in the active background when users use Chrome browsers, Google said in a press release.

A description of this feature is attached to as follows:

During the security check process, the user will be actively reminded when it is detected that the password saved by the user in Chrome has been embezzled, the extension program used by the user has suspicious or harmful behavior, and the website asks for too many permissions. These reminders will appear in the Chrome browser. In the menu.

Google also said in a press release that it has improved the tag group so that users can place a series of tabs in a group to strengthen organizational management.

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