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China Mobile completes the industry's first technical verification of 5G vehicle networking scale

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 22, according to the Shanghai Communications Administration, recently, China Mobile Research Institute organized a "5G vehicle networking new technology test summary seminar", China Institute of Information and Communication, Guangzhou Automobile and other 16 partners attended the meeting ( has not yet found a specific list) to share and discuss the results and experience of this technical test, and carried out an in-depth discussion on the development trend of vehicle networking industry and follow-up cooperation planning. It marks the successful completion of the industry's first 5G network performance scale verification for typical business of vehicle networking.

In the early stage, China Mobile joint partners launched a test of new 5G vehicle networking technology in Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Chongqing and other places, which lasted for 7 months. the network performance, new technology scheme and service performance of 5G existing network based on typical business of vehicle networking are systematically verified.

In the aspect of network performance verification, the performance verification of the first multi-place and multi-vendor vehicle network based on 5G existing network is completed. The test results show that when the one-way delay is less than 25ms, the delay, reliability and speed of the existing network can meet the requirements of 23 typical services of the selected vehicle network. The test results effectively support the formulation of the industry's first group standards for network performance, planning, construction and acceptance of 5G vehicles that support high-level self-driving.

▲ network test architecture chart, the source is the official account of "Shanghai Communication Circle". With regard to the verification of new technology solutions, China Mobile has created the industry's first 5G synaesthesia integrated technology system based on full Uu architecture, which hinders the completion of end-to-end verification based on vision. The test results show that the loopback delay of 5G air port is less than that of 20ms and the end-to-end delay of service is less than 70ms, which can provide a stable and reliable network guarantee for vehicle networking services with low delay and certain computing requirements.

▲ 5G synaesthesia integrated end-to-end verification based on visual field hindrance scenario in terms of service performance verification, based on the real end-to-end test environment, China Mobile verified that the 5G Uu scheme in which the UPF sinks to the base station level has a service delay performance similar to that of the LTE PC5 scheme, and can meet the network performance requirements of network-connected auxiliary driving and network-connected self-driving conditionally.

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