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The Ministry of Public Security severely cracked down on Internet celebrities to spread rumors and gradually explore the establishment of a "blacklist" system.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference today to inform public security organs of the effectiveness of measures taken by public security organs to severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities of online rumors in accordance with the law. learned from the official website of the Ministry of Public Security that in 2023, public security organs across the country relied on the "net 2023" special activity. from April to July this year, in response to outstanding problems such as the high incidence of rumors in hot events, the Ministry of Public Security organized public security organs across the country to carry out a 100-day special crackdown on online rumors, focusing on a number of illegal and criminal activities of spreading rumors on the Internet. Up to now, public security organs across the country have investigated and dealt with more than 4800 Internet rumor cases, investigated and dealt with more than 6300 rumor mongers according to law, and closed 34000 illegal accounts in accordance with the law.

A relevant responsible person of the Ministry of Public Security said at a news conference held today that the Internet celebrity Big V has a strong network influence, and the public security organs will, together with relevant departments, promote the development of the industry in accordance with the rules and regulations. There are three main measures:

First, pay close attention to online rumor clues, create hot spots, "rub hot spots" and "rhythmic" Internet celebrities for fabricating and spreading false information, as well as "network water army" gangs that take advantage of rumors and diversion to make profits, severely crack down on them in accordance with the law, and take targeted warnings, banning words, sealing names and other management measures in accordance with the law.

The second is to analyze and find loopholes in the management of the website platform, urge enterprises to establish and improve management norms and community conventions, promote the establishment of a "blacklist" system for illegal accounts, and squeeze the living space for rumor-mongering activities.

The third is to strengthen publicity and guidance, aiming at the key online celebrity groups, carry out law promotion and education reminders, take the initiative to publicize relevant laws and regulations, educate and guide Internet celebrities to abide by the law and resist rumors.

The party committee of the Ministry of Public Security of Tuyuan Pexels decided to take 2024 as the year of special action to crack down on Internet rumors, deploy public security organs across the country to carry out an one-year special action, persist in promoting the integration of attack, prevention, management and control, continue to step up efforts to crack down on the whole chain, the whole platform, and the whole field, and take various measures to promote the crackdown and rectification to be carried out in depth.

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