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The horizon helps to drive the vanguard to take the lead, and it is ideal to sell more than 40,000 cars in November and win the crown of the new force.

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Shulou( Report--

The ideal car realized the "ideal" ahead of schedule.

The latest data show that ideal delivered 41000 new cars in November, an increase of 1.5% over the previous month. From January to November this year, ideal delivered a total of 325700 new cars, achieving the annual "ideal" target of 300000 ahead of schedule.

Behind the "ideal" achievement of the ideal car is the insight into the needs of consumers and the ultimate pursuit of the power of smart driving products. Behind the ideal smart car, the horizon cannot be bypassed.

In December 2021, the 2021 ideal ONE officially launched the NOA function, which is the first mass production model of Horizon Journey 3 chip. The Vision 5, a new generation of smart car chip after Journey 3, is also mass-produced and launched on the ideal L8 Pro. The Horizon Expedition 6 will be released in April 2024, and the ideal car is also expected to become a carrying brand.

For the ideal car, the Horizon Journey chip is not only the starting point of its micro-time, but also an important support behind its rising sales: at present, the ideal L series has a total of 8 SKU;8 SKU, of which 5 use Horizon Journey 5 chips.

Recently, the ideal AD Pro based on Expedition 5 and the AD Max based on Orin ushered in another major update in version 4.4-the enhanced lane-keeping LKA Plus function: you can overtake on your own by turning on LKA Plus on highways and urban expressways, demonstrating the continued support for self-driving growth in Expedition 5.

The ideal recognition of the horizon stems from the latter's rapid product iteration, technical strength and large-scale mass production results. From 2019 to 2021, three generations of Expedition 2, Expedition 3 and Expedition 5 came out one after another. Gao Gong smart car data show that Horizon Journey chips accounted for 49.05% of the NOA market segment in 2022, higher than Nvidia. It is reported that there are more than 20 NOA models equipped with Horizon Journey chips, including popular models such as Boyue L, Roewe RX5, Deep Blue SL03, Deep Blue S7 and so on.

According to the official data of Horizon, Daimali's intelligent driving chip journey 5 has shipped a total of 200000 pieces since the first production was announced at ideal AD Pro in September 2022, obtaining mass production points for more than 20 models from more than 9 car companies. In addition to the standard L-series Pro and Air models, it also includes BYD, Lulai, SAIC, Changan, Eian, Hongqi, Nezha, Chery and so on. It is also expected that mass production will be launched one after another.

At the 2023 Guangzhou Motor Show, Horizon, with itinerary 6, announced that it would be released in April next year and start delivery at the same time. It is reported that Expedition 6 is a series of products, which are uniformly equipped with BPU Nash architecture, and there will be multiple versions to meet the needs of different high-level and low-level smart driving scenarios. Among them, the high-end version has a journey of 6 flagships, the computing power reaches 560TOPS, and supports cutting-edge models such as Transformer, which is specially designed for high-level intelligent drivers.

The cooperation between ideal and smart head enterprises and its ultimate pursuit of intelligent products have also made its reputation among car owners climb all the way. Some car owners say that every OTA upgrade is like getting a new car, which may be the greatest affirmation of ideal and horizon smart driving cooperation.

In December, the ideal L series is about to usher in the biggest update in history, and OTA version 5.0 is about to push all users, including smart driving, AI ideal classmate feature upgrade and so on.

Today, intelligence has become one of the most recognized and respected labels for ideal products, and even when entering 4S stores, salespeople need to frequently explain the use of intelligent functions rather than hardware and driving functions.

Consumers' evaluation of ideal smart cars as "getting easier to use" has also boosted their confidence. Now ideal has sold more than 40,000 vehicles for two months in a row, and this month (December), ideal will challenge the sales target of 50,000 vehicles. We look forward to the ideal completion of a new milestone, and also look forward to the early debut of the products carrying Journey 6 to bring a better smart driving experience for consumers.

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