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ET9 preheating of the flagship model of Weilai: full capacity carrying the full vehicle global operating system SkyOS

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Shulou( Report--, December 22 news, Luo Jinhua, head of the whole vehicle operating system of Lulai, and Wang Qiyan, head of Weilai digital system, released long posts one after another via Weibo today, carrying out a "relay" warm-up for the administrative flagship ET9 to be released tomorrow night. This time, the car is about to be fully equipped with the full vehicle global operating system SkyOS.

Wang Qiyan said that the operating system is recognized as the pearl in the software crown and is one of the most core technologies. Because it is difficult to develop, its position on the technology stack is very important. Therefore, it is also the technology that is most likely to be "choked" by foreign manufacturers. For the automobile in the intelligent electric era, the underlying operating system of the whole vehicle is the "soul" of the car.

With the rapid development of automobile intelligence, automotive operating system has evolved into a concept of software platform, including operating system kernel, core middleware and key applications.

According to reports, the vehicle global operating system SkyOS, which is about to be released by Weilai, will build a 1x 4N technology cluster, which has the following meanings:

"1" means "SkyOS-H", which supports multi-operating system virtualization requirements in cockpit, smart driving, vehicle control and other domains.

"4" refers to the four operating system kernels:

SkyOS-L (Lite) is mainly used for lightweight real-time operating systems of MCU, ARM-R / M core and RISC-V.

SkyOS-M (Medium), a real-time secure operating system specially designed for ARM A core, is a dual secure operating system carefully designed for vehicle control based on the fastest and most secure microkernel in the world.

SkyOS-R (Rich), the underlying operating system for rich application scenarios such as autopilot and cockpit, officially says it has made "a lot of" optimizations to the real-time operating system kernel

SkyOS-C (Cockpit), an operating system for the cockpit, is deeply customized for Android

"N" is the core middleware developed by SkyOS, including AI algorithm framework, AI engine, IoT interconnection, SOA framework, application framework, multimedia framework, OTA, DCL, diagnosis, power management module, Security & Safety, distributed processing engine and other technology clusters.

Luo Jinhua said that SkyOS will establish an omni-directional and three-dimensional technology system, so that all kinds of equipment can be organically integrated to achieve efficient cooperation.

Comprehensive previously reported that at the NIO IN 2023 Innovation and Technology Day in September this year, Li Bin announced for the first time the global operating system SkyOS of Weilai, the Chinese name "Tianshu".

In the trailer "series" in recent days, it has been announced that the car will be equipped with a full-line-controlled smart chassis, a 900V high-voltage architecture that breaks through the industry limit, and a self-developed next-generation intelligent driving chip. According to the official definition, the car will be the "crystallization of technological innovation" of the Weilai brand, and Li Bin said that "the administrative flagship has always been the technological flagship".

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