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Join hands with 40 million users to open the full scene of wealth management, Guotai Junjun Honghong mask is coming.

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Recently, Guotai Junan and Huawei held a ceremony of Hongmeng comprehensive cooperation and native application Beta version development, and announced that Guotai Junjun an Hongmeng native application Beta version development had been completed. As a leading comprehensive brokerage in the securities industry covering more than 40 million users, Guotai Junan launched the original development of Junhong App Hongmeng as early as August, providing users with one-stop and full-scene financial services, so that users can experience online financial services without leaving their homes, so that the intelligent wealth management system reaches thousands of households, and at the same time drives more enterprises in the financial sector to actively layout Hongmeng ecology.

Guotai Junan always regards financial technology as the strategic commanding point, constantly promotes the improvement of financial technology and business innovation capability, and independently develops an one-stop comprehensive financial management platform-Guotai Junjun App, which is the first in the industry to provide customers with end-to-end, travel program and intelligent wealth management services covering the three core contents of intelligent information, intelligent financial management and intelligent trading. The number of users of Guotai King an Junhong App has exceeded 40 million. According to the latest data from Analysys, the monthly active users of Guotai King an Junhong App exceeded 8.5 million in November 2023, making it the largest securities service application TOP2.

The original version of Guotai King an Junhong App Hongmeng will create a seamless investment transaction experience between mobile phones and panoramic multi-devices based on the seamless flow of multi-devices in Hongmeng system. In the future, when users set out from home to the car, when they encounter a critical period of investment, they can continue to operate uninterrupted through the mobile phone to the car and seize the investment opportunity all the time. With the help of Hongmeng system meta-service cards and other service distribution methods, it will also provide users with fresh information and stock market information in real time.

At the signing ceremony, Guotai Junan Chief Information Officer Yu Feng said: "this signing marks the further deepening of the comprehensive cooperation between Guotai Junan Securities and Huawei." Guotai Junan has always adhered to the capacity building of "leading digital technology". This time, Hongmeng actively participated in the ecological construction of domestic mobile operating systems, which not only set an example in supporting the localization of infrastructure, but also play an important role in promoting innovation and development in the field of financial science and technology. In the follow-up, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and carry out omni-directional and in-depth cooperation in jointly building Hongmeng ecology, so as to provide users with one-stop, convenient and safe investment and financial services. "

Ning Shenglan, president of global ecological development and sales of Huawei terminal cloud services, said: "the development of Hongmeng system is inseparable from the support and co-creation of partners. For a long time, Guotai Junan has led the development of the entire securities industry with its profound industry accumulation and user base. In the future, through cooperation with Guotai Junan, we hope to explore more scenarios in the financial sector, bring purer, safer and smarter experiences to consumers, bring new business opportunities to the entire securities industry, and promote the sustained and steady development of the industry. "

Since Huawei announced that the new HarmonyOS NEXT is ready and Hongmeng native applications are fully launched, some Top 20 mobile Internet applications, including Alipay, Nail, Meituan, Xiaohongshu, bilibili, Amap and so on, have launched the development of Hongmeng native applications. With the continuous expansion of Hongmeng's "circle of friends", Hongmeng's ecology is becoming more and more prosperous. This time, the participation of Guotai Junan, the leading enterprise in the securities industry, has also added a strong touch to the vigorous scene of "Hongmeng Qianfan".

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