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Todd's immediate boss, Microsoft appoints Jill Braff as the new head of Bethesda / ZeniMax game studio.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, Microsoft has appointed Jill Braff as the new head of Bethesda / ZeniMax Studios.

Braff, a former Nintendo consumer research manager and Sega marketing director, is currently general manager of integrated and casual games at Xbox Game Studio.

Matt Booty, president of Microsoft Game content and Studio, announced the new position of Braff in an email sent to employees on Wednesday, The Verge reported.

Jill has extensive experience in games and entertainment, having held positions at Nintendo, Sega, Glu Mobile, Home Shopping Network and Warner Brothers.

When ZeniMax / Bethesda joined Xbox, she was the leader of our integration work, and through this work, she gradually learned about the team and leaders.

Jill will lead the Bethesda / ZeniMax game development team, which will continue to operate as a limited integrated entity and continue to supervise the Microsoft casual games team. Todd Howard, Todd Vaughn, Matt Firor, Paul Jensen and Heather Cooper will report to Jill.

Bethesda announced on Wednesday that Starry Sky has attracted 1300 million players since its release in September, making it the largest game in the company's history.

In addition, reported that Marc Tardif, co-director of Bethesda Studios, recently posted a post on LinkedIn announcing his departure from the company. During his time at Bethesda, he was responsible for the management of games such as Starry Sky, radiation 76 and Ancient Scrolls: blade.

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