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Tesla's new super factory project in Shanghai was launched, which officials once called a "landmark project".

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Thanks to netizens soft media users 1353584, SpongeBob picked up clues delivery!, December 22, according to Xinhua News Agency, Tesla announced the official launch of a new large-scale factory project in Shanghai with an annual production capacity of 10, 000 Megapack fixed battery stores.

The land expropriation signing ceremony for the project was held in Shanghai this morning, marking the official launch of what the company called a "landmark project," the report said.

▲ drawing source Tesla, just to signal Note: according to Tesla's previous introduction, the Megapack is a powerful commercial energy storage battery that can store and supply energy, helping to stabilize the power grid and prevent power outages. Megapack can store energy for the power grid reliably and safely, eliminating the need to build natural gas peak-shaving power plants and avoiding power outages.

According to Tesla's official data, each Megapack unit can store more than 3 MWh of energy, enough to meet the one-hour electricity needs of 3600 households.

Compared with similar systems on the market, this product takes up 40% less space, has only 1/10 of its components, and installs 10 times faster than the products currently on the market. It is also known as one of the largest energy storage systems on the market.

At present, Tesla's business layout is mainly divided into two parts: one is electric vehicles, the other is renewable energy, and the latter can be subdivided into solar energy and energy storage devices, mainly Powerwall, Powerpack, Megapack and other products.

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Tesla will build a new energy storage super factory in Shanghai, specializing in the production of Megapack giant batteries.

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