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The source said that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra phone uses a right-angle middle frame design, and there is no "satellite communication" in the system at present.

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Thanks to netizen Jiayi for your clue delivery!, December 22 (Xinhua)-- blogger @ Digital chat Station today brought the latest news of Xiaomi's new phone, which is expected to come from Xiaomi's 14 Ultra phone.

The blogger revealed that the new machine uses a right-angle middle frame shape, and the equal-depth and micro-curved screen remains the same. at present, the system does not have "satellite communication", so we need to wait and see. noted that as early as September this year, it was reported that Xiaomi 14 Pro Special Edition originally had a satellite communications version, but was eventually cut, for unknown reasons. Whether Xiaomi 14 Ultra can make up for this regret is also a point of great concern.

In terms of configuration, the blogger @ digital chat station has revealed that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra phone will carry a 50MP+50MP+50MP+50MP full-focus four-shot phone, a Sony LYT900 sensor and an f / 1.6 Mutual f / 4.0 variable aperture.

In addition, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is expected to carry the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, a larger high-density battery, a super background camera with enhanced sensors and modules, a new hardware standard double telephoto, a glass body, a 4-micro curved screen with upgraded specifications, a single point of ultrasonic fingerprint that may land, a battery around 5180mAh, and support for 90W wired fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging.

With regard to the specific release time of Xiaomi 14 Ultra, will also continue to follow up and bring follow-up reports.

▲ Picture appreciation: Xiaomi 13 Ultra

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