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Perfect World won the 2023 China ESG Financial Accountability Award "Sustainable Development Award"

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On December 21, the 2023 China ESG Gold Accountability Award was held in Beijing. Perfect World won the China ESG Financial Accountability Award "Sustainable Development Award" for her outstanding performance in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

Perfect World won the 2023 China ESG Financial Accountability Award "Sustainable Development Award of the year"

It is reported that the organizer of this year's "Financial Accountability Award" aims to reward enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to China's ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) cause, and guide enterprises to attach importance to and implement relevant actions. This selection through the professional dimension and public review, carefully selected the distribution in the industry to implement ESG outstanding performance of the head companies. " The selection requirement of the annual sustainable development award requires that enterprises actively advocate and practice the concept of sustainable development and attach importance to their own performance in the field of ESG; at the same time, they can become an important force in leading the progress and development of ESG in the industry; this requires outstanding cumulative scores of candidate enterprises in the past three years; and there has been no significant negative information on the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance in the past three years.

As a global leader in the field of digital cultural creation, Perfect World's business covers multiple business sectors such as film and television, games and e-sports, and its products are found in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. It is not only a leader in China's cultural and creative industry, but also the leader of Chinese culture. From 2011 to 2023, Perfect World was recognized as one of the top 30 national cultural enterprises for 12 times and was selected as the national cultural export key enterprise for many times. In 2023, Perfect World will further strengthen the dual innovation of content and technology, achieve global, diversified and high-quality development, and continue to create high-quality cultural products and services to achieve the company's long-term development goals.

In recent years, Perfect World has deeply practiced the concept of sustainable development and made positive adjustments to his own sustainable development goals and realization paths. For example, the core concepts and standards of ESG are embedded into all aspects of enterprise operation, and a sustainable development management model is constructed with "creating happiness, spreading culture and achieving dreams" as the core, and "product innovation, cultural communication, staff development and social welfare" as the practice path. Perfect World insists on putting people first, thinks deeply about corporate social responsibility, pays attention to the organic unity of economic development, environmental protection and social responsibility, and makes contributions to building sustainable development enterprises.

In terms of product innovation, in recent years, Perfect World holding Group has made many innovations in the field of cultural creation, exploring and summing up a set of unique "creative thinking", actively promoting the integration of science and technology and cultural creation, effectively promoting the digitization and upgrading of traditional industries, and releasing the new efficiency of industrial integration, which provides a new driving force for the great-leap-forward development of the cultural and creative industry. At the same time, we focus on the cultural connotation of the products, draw inspiration and nutrients from the excellent Chinese traditional culture, and devote ourselves to offering rich cultural products to global users.

In terms of social concern about the health of the Internet and the protection of minors, Perfect World has actively responded to government regulatory requirements for many years, especially in preventing minors from indulging in games. Actively publicize the series of activities of the "Green Bookmark Action" in 2023, advocate green reading, surf the Internet in a civilized manner, enhance minors' awareness of security and the rule of law, and enhance their ability to identify and prevent illegal harmful publications and harmful information.

In terms of social welfare, Perfect World advocates public welfare activities that everyone can participate in, so as to maximize the influence of public welfare. Establish employee public welfare foundation and carry out public welfare activities in education, environmental protection and other aspects. In promoting the revitalization of the countryside, Perfect World carried out public welfare projects such as "Young Teachers' Teaching Workshop, accurate subsidy for Poverty-stricken students, continuous implementation of growth Scholarship, and precise support for Public Welfare and Education" to promote the balanced development of rural education; in response to the 3060 double carbon goal, Perfect World launched a series of activities "planted perfectly" At the same time, Perfect World launched the biodiversity staff volunteer activity of "Nature walks with me perfectly" to arouse employees' awareness of continuing and protecting nature.

It is also understood that this ESG Financial Accountability Award is sponsored by Sina Finance and Economics. Sina Financial and Economic ESG rating Center is the first Chinese ESG professional information and rating aggregation platform in the industry, which is committed to promoting and promoting sustainable development, responsible investment, and ESG values, spreading ESG's corporate practices and exemplary forces, promoting the development of China's ESG cause, and promoting the establishment of China's ESG evaluation standards and the upgrading of corporate ratings.

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