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Baidu map: Apple CarPlay, vivo Jovi InCar and Huawei HiCar are the first to adapt to night cruising.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22, according to Baidu Map official news, Baidu Map V19.3.0 Cruise launched night mode, Apple CarPlay, vivo Jovi InCar, Huawei HiCar first to adapt, Baidu map mobile phone App, big screen version can be used, cruise night road is not dazzling. with opening method:

[system automatic recommendation] Baidu Map will automatically help you switch between day and night modes according to the current time and driving status.

[personalized Manual Settings] iOS: my-Settings-Dark Mode

Android: my-Settings-Navigation Settings-display in Navigation

In addition, the latest version of Baidu Map has supported voice control to enter the cruise, users and Xiao du said, "small degree, turn on cruise", and the big screen version will automatically enter the cruise after getting on the bus.

This version also supports the real-time synchronization of mobile phones and vehicles. If the route is set on the mobile phone, the car will be synchronized in real time; if the navigation is turned on on the mobile phone, the car will be turned on synchronously.

Baidu Maps V19.3.0 also optimizes the size of the installation package, streamlining some features that have nothing to do with driving.

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