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Stand out from the crowd, WeChat Live won Interface News 2023 [good Brands]

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Shulou( Report--

On December 20, the sixth "Interface Financial and Economic Annual meeting" was successfully held at Hotel Shangri La Santa Monica in Qiantan, Shanghai, with Shanghai newspaper Group as the guiding unit, Interface News as the organizer and Volvo as a strategic partner.

Looking forward to 2024, this annual meeting focuses on "stability and resilience", and sets up keynote speeches and round-table forums around hot topics such as China's economic development, corporate strategy, brand strategy, ESG, big consumption, and so on, to jointly explore the resilience and driving force of China's steady economic development. The final list of 2023 business innovation leaders, Super CEO, good companies 50, good Brands 100, ESG Vanguard 60, excellent Finance Award, and the value list of securities firms have also been announced one after another.

In this conference, with its excellent performance in the field of corporate live broadcast marketing and leading brand competitiveness in the industry, Weizang Live has stood out from many well-known brands and won the 2023 [good Brands 100] main list of brands in the live broadcast industry.

Figure 1: micro-likes Live won 2023 [good Brands]

Since its establishment in 2015, Weizan has won the favor of the market by virtue of its excellent technical strength and innovative product capabilities, and has led the first echelon of live broadcast by Chinese enterprises for five consecutive years. As a professional enterprise live broadcast platform based on the ecology of Wechat, Wechat makes full use of the advantages of "embedded" Weizan software to deeply serve customers in Internet, finance, education, health care, automobile and consumer industries, meet the needs of marketing, training and activities, expand and transform Wechat private domain traffic and social potential, and create value for enterprise online content marketing with audio and video services.

Figure 2: Weizang Live Enterprise customer Private Domain Operation case-Zoomlion

What is noteworthy is that while WeChat continued to break through the technological boundary in 2023 and continuously optimized the immersive live broadcast solution of 3D virtual scene + "virtual-reality fusion" of digital human, it focused on brand new digital intelligence upgrade, innovated and incorporated AI intelligent interaction in live SaaS service, through functional matrix such as "AI intelligent assistant, intelligent editing, intelligent subtitle, content summary, broadcast digital human" and so on. Achieve low-cost, high-efficiency enterprise live content production, give enterprises digital intelligence marketing transformation.

Figure 3: micro-like LVB-AI converged service segmentation scenario

Technology-driven has become the foundation of self-innovation and brand innovation. Under the wave of digital transformation, Weizan will continue to lead the industry, provide high-quality audio and video SaaS services for enterprises, promote the integration of new technologies such as AI and various industry LVB demand scenarios, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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